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    Posted: 15 March 2002 06:36 AM

    Is anyone interested in making some Avatar images from Speed Racer?  I LOVE that cartoon!



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  • Posted: 07 March 2002 02:39 PM #1

    Good God! I used to watch Speed Racer when *I* was a kid, to give you some idea of how old the original series is. I think it was on WDRB-41 out of Louisville and hosted by Presto the Clown.



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    Posted: 13 March 2002 03:41 PM #2

    I watched Speed Racer back in the 40’s, er, I mean in the 60’s and I fell in love with Japanese anim? and that car all at once. Did you know that you can buy a 1:18 scale die cast of that car? I believe ERTL makes it.
    Pray tell, what is Avatar? I’m a Mac artist but I must confess I don’t know what Avatar is.  


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  • Posted: 15 March 2002 06:36 AM #3

    The newest version of phpBB, which I believe Bryan’s going to install soon, allows you to have a little image underneath your name, which they call an avatar.

    (BTW, Bryan, the current beta works nicely indeed )

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