CPU usage (and fan speed) increase when viewing posts.

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    Posted: 20 January 2006 07:44 AM

    Is it just me or does anyone else with an iMac G5 notice that when viewing the forums here (using Safari) that their cooling fan and CPU usage both increase. I opened Activity Monitor and placed it in the dock, then I started typing this post -  when my fan was going at a pretty good clip I brought up Activity Monitor a saw that my CPU % User was at 78. As soon as Activity Monitor is the foremost (active) app the % User drops to 8, as does the fan. Send Monitor back to the dock and the fan and CPU speed right up as soon as Safari is foremost. Even just viewing the topics in the forum sends my fan a spinnin’. Other sites that do this to my Mac are some java based web game sites (like http://yahooligans.yahoo.com/ ).

    smile  I’m not complaining, just curious if anybody else notices this.

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    Posted: 20 February 2006 12:52 PM #1

    Hey burreyann, sorry for the lateness of this response.

    The CPU increase comes from some of the ads that were running, Flash-based ads.  Our ad folks at BackBeat Media have been notified of this, and I personally haven’t seen it in a while.

    Hopefully you haven’t either!


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    Posted: 21 February 2006 05:13 AM #2

    Thanks for responding Bryan. I haven’t noticed my fan racing anymore when I’m in the forums and my CPU usage tops out at about 29% when I’m viewing the TMO website.