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    Posted: 17 February 2006 09:32 AM


    The laser-optics company whose site I built and maintain produces a range of product marketing literature, including product catalogs. All of this literature is available on our website as PDF files.

    Due to the size of a recent catalog PDF, I’ve instructed site visitors to right-click the link and download the file as a stand-alone PDF, rather than “normal” click the link, which would cause the file to open in site visitors’ web browsers:

    My question: Is there a way in my HTML code to force the nozzle catalog PDF to download as a stand-alone PDF file (and not open in a browser window), regardless of how the catalog PDF link is clicked? The approach used above seems very unelegant, and is—of course—subject to site visitor error. On top of that, those trying to open the PDF directly into a web browser window complain of too-long download times, even those with T1 connections.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  • Posted: 29 July 2007 12:25 AM #1

    This answer is late to the party, but maybe it will help you or future readers: