iMovie Clip Corruption

  • Posted: 17 March 2002 02:01 AM

    I have a problem with a student project in iMovie. It’s roughly about 45 minutes of footage (after edits). A few of the clips have apparently become corrupted and iMove says the movie may be beyond repair. I really don’t want to send the student back to the original video to re-import all of the footage. I can access each of the clips and would prefer to find a way to “clean” the damaged clips, rather than restart the project.

    Any ideas on how to clean damaged clips or salvage the undamaged clips and replace from film the footage that has been corrupted?

  • Posted: 16 March 2002 08:17 PM #1

    Is it iMovie that reports them as corrupt?  Can you open the movie clips in QuickTime somehow?



    Brad Smith
    The Mac Observer

  • Posted: 17 March 2002 02:01 AM #2

    Brad, thanks!

    I’ll try the QuickTime conversion on Monday and let you know. iMovie says the clips are damaged. I’m hoping to savlage and/or repair as much of the movie as possible and export to QuickTime