What was your first computer?

  • Posted: 15 June 2001 06:50 AM #16

    “first” computer used, 1978, IBM mainframe with an 80 column card reader…
    then a microcomputer in 1979 that had an actual terminal.. 2 colors, black and white.

    First computer owned, Atari 400
    atari 800
    atari 800xl
    apple IIGS
    toshiba 1000 (laptop)
    toshiba 1000se (laptop)
    Lots of PCs from 286 to Pent IV 1.4
    Lots of powerbooks from 3400 to G4/400

    oh, and the work machine..  TANDEM S74004,  OS G060


  • Posted: 15 June 2001 06:50 AM #17

    First computer that I owned was the ever popular Commodore 64. Graduated from that to an Amiga. The first mac that I owned was a Mac clone that ran on the Amiga, using MacPlus ROM’s. From there I bought a Mac SE (which I still have and runs fine on OS 7) and I have owned an SE-30, LC, LC III, Centris 650, Power Mac 7200, 8500, G3 and finally a G4.

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    1- Commodore Vic 20
    2 - Commodore 64 with Disk drive and printer
    3 - Atari ST Mega 2 + 30 (!) Megs HD
    4 - Performa 5400 - 160
    5 - G4 400 AGP
    6 - iBook 366 firewire indigo
    7 - recently swapped for iBook 500 - CD whiter than white

    Ciao da Pisa


  • Posted: 15 June 2001 07:01 AM #19


    Timex/Sinclair 1000
    KayPro CP/M “suitcase” computer
    Telex CM/P portable with “bubble memory”
    IBM XT (8088 CPU)
    Xerox 8086
    5 MacPlus’ (bought at auction - kept 1)
    NEC 80286 “lunchbox”
    Toshiba 80386 “transportable” plasma screen - plug it in for power.
    Compaq 80486 tower
    Sony 505 laptop
    Apple Cube (brought the MacPlus down from a 12 year storage in the attic - it booted right up!)

  • Posted: 15 June 2001 07:04 AM #20

    An HP-3000 minicomputer over a dial-up @ 150 (or was it 300?) baud using a video terminal, later accessed the machine using teletypes (ASCII art! Colossal Caves!)—-they still had punch card machines, but those were just used making confetti….

    First I bought was a Radio Shack PC-1 pocket computer (overgrown laptop with QWERTY keyboard and BASIC).

    First Mac was a 128K original model back in 1984…

    First laptop? A GRiD Compass III—-$10,000! it cost in 1985….

    First real computer? The NeXT Cube which is still my main machine.


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    My first was also the Timex Sinclair 1000.  I then moved up to the Commodore 64.  My father did put me in some programming classes around that time and they had the TRS-80, Commodore 128 (just came out at that time) and god, I can’t remember the third one that I used.  I remember when the Amiga 1000 came out and how bad I wanted one.  Begged and begged my dad to get one but he never did so by this time I was old enough to be working so I got a job and got the Amiga 500 then moved to the Amiga 2000.

    After Commodore went south I had already used Macs in my Commercial Printing classes that I was taking at a local community college.  I was so broke so I couldn’t afford a new Mac.  I stuck with my Amiga for about another year.  Then one day my dad came home with a Quadra 700 a friend of his had got at an auction.  Kick ass!  From there I’ve had the 8500, 9500, Pismo Powerbook, and now my Dual 533 G4.  Oh yea I have an old 7100 that I just picked up for the mp3’s in the bedroom.


    Oh yea like one of the other posters, I first time I ran a Mac in my own home was on the Amiga with the Emplant (I think is how they spelled it) emulation card.  Wow, hehe memories. 

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    trs-80 circa ‘81—anyone else miss feeding audio cassettes into a tape recorder? GOD what a concept…can you imagine if we had used 8-tracks…or reel-to-reel??? i really hated that keyboard…it was like typing on chiclets. but, when i upgraded that thing to 128K of memory, boy that thing flew…

    then it was off to college…in ‘87 i could’ve had a mac…but $4large for an undergrad was too much of a pull…had to settle on an 8086XT…amberchrome 14” monitor…5 1/4” floppy and a 10MB hd….and to think i never filled that drive up. (my favorite game was star trek….the enterprise was a “0=” on a 20 x 20 grid of dots….boy where did all those hours go?

    started using pagemaker 4 on an SE30 my junior year and was hooked. (actually i kinda preferred pasteup at that point…the screen was a little tiny for newspaper layout….but definately the coolest computer around) too bad they didnt offer a degree in tetris….i couldve gotten a masters in gaming after 3am.

    first job at a production house in dallas…used a IIx with 8mb ram and an 80mb hd (had to scrounge that huge drive myself…when they gave me the workstation it only had a 44mb drive…not enough room to hold the fonts)....quark 3.3.1 & photoshop 2 (and kpt) were my best friends for over a year…..

    started my own business and popped for an 8100/80 (96 mb ram WOW! and a 1GB hd)...my favorite machine ever i think—even more cool, at the time anyway, than my current G4 tower (system 7.1.2 was the most stable os i have ever used….used to go months without rebooting! and i was pushing that box hard.)

    next machine should be a TiG4…hopefully in july when the new rev comes out (fingers crossed).

    —if it aint broke, break it!

  • Posted: 15 June 2001 07:35 AM #23

    The first computer that I used was a Commadore PET. I used it to program in Basic in high School.

    The First Macintosh that I bought was a LISA and a Mac 128, I bought them on the same day.

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    You guys are going to love this-

    My first computer was the original Macintosh…

    Ever since then, there’s been no looking back-



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    well, the list of computers i have owned, in the order i bought them, goes something like this:

    Mac Plus (1989-present)
    Mac IIvx (1993-2000)
    Powermac 6400 (1996-2000)
    Powermac 7100 (1999-present)
    SE/30 (2000-2001)
    IIfx (2000-present)
    PowerCurve 120 (2000-present)
    Powermac 7500 (2000-present)
    and my main machine:
    Powermac G4 500 DP, since Dec. 2000.

  • Posted: 15 June 2001 08:19 AM #26

    In 1982, I began learning BASIC on a Commodore PET…. 8 Blazing K of RAM, no fan,
    cassette drive, maybe an 8 inch monochrome monitor. Style-wise, I have to give it credit…
    It looked like something out of Clockwork Orange. I actually bought a fully functional PET
    at a yard sale about 4 years ago. It is without a doubt the scariest looking hunk of sculpture
    in my house… a close second goes to the VIC 20 I have mounted on my wall like a fish.
    Man do I feel old now.

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    Apple IIc

    The first computer I “used” was some sort of mainframe, probably a Sperry, when I was in the Navy. This would be back in the early ‘80s I access to a terminal at Fleet Training Group San Dieg, the small training base where I was stationed, the computer was down at Naval Sation 32nd Street. I used it to circumvent glacial process of getting forms typed up by the administration deptartment, I home cooked my my own forms.

    Evenutally I decided that using the terminal was too cumbersome and started shopping around for a personal computer. I tried most of the current models, but was impressed by Apple II’s and AppleWorks, I was NOT impressed with the Intel machines and their software. I could not afford a IIe, so I bought a IIc and an Imagwriter along with AppleWorks.

    I used that Apple IIc and AppleWorks for the rest of my Naval career. It helped earn me a Navy Achievment Medal for automating work flow in the command inspection program at Third Fleet Headquarters.

    The IT weenies did not like me using my own computer and gave me a generic 8088 system. It was broke dick and I had to hold down the little locking lever on the drive bay when I needed to read a disk. I continued to do my work using the IIc and played games on the cheesy PC.

    After I retired from the Navy I went to work for Beagle Bros Software, love that TimeOut series of products.

    A die hard (with a vengance) Mac user now, I still have fond memories of that Apple IIc.

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    The first computer I ever used?  It was 1977.  I was 6.  At school, we had a TeleType connected via accoustic coupler modem (remember those?) over a $10,000/year leased line to the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) mainframe in the Twin Cities.

    Just to play Oregon Trail.  (You have found a deer!  To shoot, type BANG!)

    Owning computers?  Started with an Apple II+.  Then, over the years, I have owned:

    Apple //e
    Apple //gs
    Mac IIcx
    PowerBook 165c
    Mac IIci
    PowerBook 540c
    PowerCurve 120
    Micron Millenia P166
    PowerMac 7500
    Built my own PII/400
    PowerBook G3/400 (Lombard)

    And finally, at present day, I have set up at home:

    PowerBook G4/400
    PowerMac G4/350
    Built my own PIII/700

    Though I’m a dual-platformer, obviously you can tell my preference. 


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    First I used was a Commodore PET when my school bought 1 for each classroom in 3rd grade. They neglected to spend anything on actually showing the teachers what these things were, so that left us with many happy hours playing A.F.O. and replacing the Hangman words with all 4-letter ones. My sister then bought a VIC-20, which I immediately commandeered as my own. I used that for a couple years, then when I was about 13-14 I saved up for a whole year and got a C-128 with 1571 disk drive. I acutally used that all through high school until about ‘92 or so when my Dad decided he needed a computer for his architecture business. He originally wanted to spend around $1200 on this cheesy Packard-Bell 486SX, but I got him to go for a $2500 Mac Centris 650 8/230. I think he ended up spending almost $10,000 dollars on that system, between the 21” monitor (grayscale though), the large format printer, the 1.7GB hard drive (cost $1000), the 128MO drive, the 12x18 Wacom tablet, and on and on.. I still have all that stuff gathering dust in my closet

  • Posted: 15 June 2001 09:06 AM #30

    The first one I used was a TTY remote link to Dartmouth’s mainframe back in 1968. Playing Star Trek was truly amazing…the TTY would use punctuation marks to chunk out a little “picture” of a sector. I then had to type in movement or engagement orders one at a time and wait for the response before I could enter another.

    The first computer I OWNED was a TRS-80 Model 4P in 1983…the “P” stood for “portable” - roughly sewing machine size @ about 40 lb. I used it in the Navy on my ship to avoid using a stubby pencil to write all the those repetitive reports and messages.

    I got a Mac 512K in ‘86 and haven’t looked back since…currently typing this on a WallStreet and have a G4 400AGP at home.