Spaghetti-link hell

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    Posted: 05 March 2006 05:03 PM

    What I need: an app which will trawl through a website and show up the structure as a tree or similar, showing the dependencies and links, to a greater or lesser degree.

    As a pro-bono job, I imperfectly but reasonably effectively administer, via NVU, the music part of the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul website (  ). It’s a mess, the front page doesn’t render well in Safari, but I don’t have too much control over that.

    If I could get something that could show me the actual structure of the music pages (under Community/Music), my life would be much easier.

    Any suggestions?


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  • Posted: 10 June 2006 02:11 PM #1

    I’ve only just started looking into it, but it sounds as though Google Sitemaps might be a suitable app, e.g., it will analyze crawl errors. It seems to take some setting up.


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