***MacWorld Tokyo Forum Advisory***

  • Posted: 21 March 2002 01:48 PM

    The far-reaching announcements at MacWord Tokyo will impact all areas of our computing life. Covering major Mac conferences and Apple product announcement are among the things that the staff, specialists and moderators of the Mac Observer do best. We are an independent, international assembly of Macintosh experts and seasoned Apple watchers. Our forum members are among the most articulate and well-informed members of the global Macintosh community.

    The announcements at MacWorld Tokyo provide an opportunity for the TMO staff, specialists, forum moderators and forum members to share with all Macintosh users our knowledge, experience, insights and opinions about everything Mac.

    I urge all visitors to the Apple Finance Board Forum to visit all of the forum areas on the TMO site. This will provide an opportunity for all our staff members, specialists, moderators and members to share our knowledge with you and allow us to benefit from your insights and viewpoints.

    If you arrived at the Apple Finance Board forum from a link on a different Web site or thread within the TMO forums, please take a moment to visit the   The Mac Observer Forum Index to see all the coverage of MacWorld Tokyo our team has to offer and witness first hand why The Mac Observer is among the largest and most popular Macintosh information resources on the Internet today.


    Robert a/k/a DawnTreader

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  • Posted: 20 March 2002 11:09 PM #1

    “One more thing”

    Please remember to revisit the TMO Apple Finance Board Forum as we evaluate the announcements at MacWorld Tokyo and review Wall Street’s reponse.


  • Posted: 21 March 2002 01:48 PM #2

    Please follow our financial coverage of the impact of the MacWorld Tokyo announcements in the   AAPL and MacWorld Expo thread.