iMacs moving, what about APPL?

  • Posted: 21 March 2002 07:49 AM

    Do you think that now that the iMacs are moving we might see APPL climb? Or do you think the extra $100 price tag will put a damper on that?

    I’m thinking that Wall St. will remain as usual an APPL will stay just below $25


  • Posted: 21 March 2002 07:49 AM #1

    This morning JP Morgan cuts its revenue and earnings estimate on AAPL for the 2nd and 3rd fiscal quarters. In addition to a slow opening on Wall Street for most stocks, JP Morgan’s action put additional downward pressure on AAPL in early trading.

    Apple is holding its own, but the markets will be looking for guidance from management. Analysts want to know how much the increases in component prices have impacted net earnings for the quarter that ends in just over a week.