Apple/Apple decision - what's your prediction??

  • Posted: 07 May 2006 09:45 PM

    My good money says part of the settlement, if there is to be one, is that Apple Comp. is to give Apple Corps. A larger percentage of download royalty for exclusively distributing Beatles music, and mabye a larger royalty on the Beatles Special Edition iPod (if there is to be one). It would therefore be a lose-win situation for Apple Comp., mostly on the “win” side, as Steve has always said
    iTMS is for selling ipods, not songs. Beatles catalog would draw downloaders to the iTMS, selling more iPods (to use the propietary protected aac in their portable music device), and more Beatles ipods (mabye with a “complete catalog” download a la U2). It’s a great deal for everyone involved…especially if Apple corps is truly working on remastering the catalog for a download store…what? are they going to go with a protected wma format that won’t play on 80% of the music players out there. I think not. would they choose napster who gives unlimited “downloads”?? Uhhh…no! Apple Corps will go with Apple Comps…and get a higher royalty percentage…