Adobe Up On Anticipated Mac Sales

  • Posted: 16 April 2002 09:01 AM

    In a research report from Prudential, the brokerage firm raised the rating of Adobe Systems from Hold to Buy , citing pent up demand for Macintosh software. Clearly, Wall Street is beginning to take note of the importance of the Macintosh platform as a profit center for major software makers.

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    Posted: 30 March 2002 11:07 PM #1

    Wow, that’s actually extremely interesting.  When’s the last time we have seen that?  Maybe 1991?

    Thanks for the heads up, DT!


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  • Posted: 01 April 2002 10:04 AM #2

    This is the first time in recent years I’ve seen an analyst note Adobe’s strong presence in the Mac market as a Good Thing for ADBE

  • Posted: 01 April 2002 10:07 AM #3

    The only problem is that print media is in its worst slump in decades. Ad revenue is way down. One poster here said he works at a medium-sized daily and his IT manager can’t even get the paper to pay for an evaluation copy of Photoshop 7.

    The cost of new software, plus the effort and headaches involved changing a large organization from OS 9 to OS X are bound to slow those sales somewhat.

    Remember, some folks out there are still suspicious of Quark 4.

  • Posted: 16 April 2002 09:01 AM #4

    Adobe has announced that Photoshop 7 is now shipping. Adobe is trading above $40 per share this morning (4/16). Adobe last closed above $40 per share in late March.