Who's got an opinion on Apple Retail Stores?

  • Posted: 14 January 2002 02:43 PM

    Okay, Observers: Who’s got an opinion on the Apple retail stores? Who’s visted them? What were your experiences like?

    I’m asking because after a flurry of coverage about their release, I’ve heard very little actual feedback about the stores. To give some food for thought, here’s my experience:

    I visted the McLean, VA store at Tysons corner. It’s clean, dramatic, and the sales people are really helpful. I talked to a bunch of the employees, and here are a few of the things they mentioned:

    —They sold a dozen iBooks before the first week was over. They sold almost a dozen Cinema Displays in the same time frame (Saturday to Thursday).

    —During the grand opening (where a 2-hour line formed outside the store), an overseeing Apple Executive took an iBook and walked up and down the line showing it off. People bought them even before getting into the store. One gentleman in line pulled out $1600 in cash and bought one on the spot.

    —One of the employees told me soberly: “This has been a very, very, very good idea.”

    —The McLean store has recieved over 6,000 applications for sales positions.

    Who else has visted these stores? How do you think they’ll affect Apple’s future? I look forward to hearing what people have to say…

    —Ricky Spero
    The Mac Observer

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    —Ricky Spero
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    The Mac Observer

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    Posted: 14 June 2001 02:31 PM #1

    6,000 freakin’ applications?



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  • Posted: 18 June 2001 11:34 AM #2

    I have only seen the pictures of the Apple Stores, but they seem to be nice.  People have so far liked them everywhere.  I think that Apple will make money with their new stores, especially if they keep doing like that have been.


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  • Posted: 18 June 2001 01:00 PM #3

    I think they are a great idea.  Obviously the opening day ludicrosity came about because of all the loyal consumers out there.  The test will be to see how well Apple can continue that enthusiasm over time.

    Think about this: Minnesota is and always will be the “State of Hockey”.  Face it, when you think of hockey in the US, you don’t think of New Jersey or Colorado, or Florida, or California.  Most people think of Minnesota.  After all, there is ice here year ‘round, right?  So this year, when MN got their own hockey team back, people went crazy.. every single game was a sellout.  But in 3 to 4 years, when the team still sucks and the novelty has worn away, I’m sure many of the same fans will be going to hockey games, but also many of them won’t because its old hat to them now.

    Most “normal” people want to go to a brick and mortar store to browse software titles and hardware.  They want to know that there is some place they can go to if their computer breaks on them.  No one can install that confidence like Apple.  I predict that every community that receives an Apple Store will overall show a jump in sales.  The only problem now is to get more stores, more coverage.  We shall see if our 5% share can drive that expansion and make it fiscally possible.


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  • Posted: 18 June 2001 10:32 PM #4

    i have been to the Glendale, Ca store twice now…....staff is pretty knowledgeable and helpful…...great display screen in back….there is justa bout every new model available to try out, some with OSX running…..

    last time in they were doing a survey on current platform choice, Mac or PC, and i was surprised to see it was 50/50 .......sure is drawing the attention of many PC users…..


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    Posted: 19 June 2001 10:59 AM #5

    I haven’t been in one yet, but once the Buffalo store pops up, I’m going to take a trip over there (Sept 20, I think).  The pictures I’ve seen are really nice.  I think they seem like excellent MUG meeting areas.  Although, I can’t [Compline?  How does one compline?  I think I meant complain.] about our local guy.  The store is small, but really nice.  I think I’d like to talk to a Mac Genius (not pester…talk. ).  Just to get the brand name out there is an excellent idea… but why aren’t there any Apple Tees?

    Stephen Swift ?’ The Burnum Man
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    Posted: 04 January 2002 09:23 PM #6

    I’ve been to the Minneapolis (in the Mall of America) store twice.

    I must say an EXTREMELY nice store!

    FIRST VISIT (first impression never dies)———————————————————-
    The first time i was there, i went with my dad, another big mac-head. There were a bunch of flaky workers there. For example I was seriously thinking about getting a cannon DV camera (zr25 if anyone is interested). First of all.. both the DV camera, and the MP3 player tables had no power, so I had to play with the one mounted to a stand, hooked up to a (trying to remember) i think an iMac or iBook. The girl that “helped” me said she didn’t know much about the cameras, and proceded to show me SOME of the SIMPLIST features of iMovie. I was close to spending over $700 that day, and she was trying to sell me a FREE download (that we already had… finally she left to help another customer, and an “older” guy came to “help” and he seemed to be quasi-knowlegable, but was not too familliar with the cannon line. I didn’t get a DV camera that day.

    SECOND VISIT————————————————————————————————————-
    The second time, I went with my friend, a windozer. He liked the store a lot, and he enjoyed playing with the computers. All the Kiosk’s were working this day, but i was somewhat disappointed by how short the “anti-theft” cables were. All was not lost, the products worked great. This was one of my first days of hands-on comparison between the iBook and TiBook. I have since decided on the TiBook. Still, I didn’t buy anything there.

    General Observations————————————————————————————————
    No shortage in people going in and out of the store, constantly! The first time I was there, it was during the afternoon on a Saturday, so traffic was expected. My second visit was mid-day on a thursday, and I was suprised at the traffic. MAChines look and function great!

    apple stores = great idea
    hands on = awesome




  • Posted: 06 January 2002 11:08 AM #7

    I live within a 25 minute drive of two stores. They are a big help in terms of having some place to send people interested in Macs for advice and sales assistance. I can’t rely on electronics or computer cain stores that may sell Macs to provide a quality buyer experience.

  • Posted: 06 January 2002 10:07 PM #8

    I wish I had an Apple Store near me so I could go down there eveery weekend. 

    As it is, I drive 20+ miles to my nearest Apple Store once in a while, and two things always happen each time:

    (1) The place is jammed with folks, and
    (2) I easily waste four hours hanging out and gawking at the stuff. 

    The stores rock!


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  • Posted: 07 January 2002 09:29 AM #9

    According to Steve Jobs’ Macworld expo keynote, 40% of Mac buyers at the retail stores have never owned a Mac before.  Sounds pretty successful to me…


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  • Posted: 07 January 2002 11:50 AM #10

    On 2002-01-07 13:29, rjung wrote:
    According to Steve Jobs’ Macworld expo keynote, 40% of Mac buyers at the retail stores have never owned a Mac before.  Sounds pretty successful to me…

    That’s no surprise. The stores and store staff are in great position to attract new users.

  • Posted: 07 January 2002 12:08 PM #11

    Btw, is there an apple store in Germany?



  • Posted: 07 January 2002 09:57 PM #12

    On 2002-01-07 16:08, Firby wrote:
    Btw, is there an apple store in Germany?

    Not yet in Germany, but who know what next year brings? Right now I believe Apple wants to continue the rollout of its US stores before considering stores overseas. With the reported successes from the first 27 stores, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear stores in Europe would be opening sometime in early to mid 2003.

  • Posted: 07 January 2002 10:52 PM #13

    The biggest impression that the Columbus, Ohio store made on me was their willingness to give the best service regardless of whether or not they were making a sale.
    A friend went with me who was looking for a basic sound editing application. We took a couple of software boxes up to a genius who happened to be experienced in professional sound editing. You want to know which application he suggested? Neither. He downloaded and showed us a shareware app from download.com!
    He wasn’t interested in making a sale. He was interested in providing the best answer to our question.

    I dare you to try THAT at a major computer chain.



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  • Posted: 08 January 2002 12:49 PM #14

    What do I think of the Apple Stores? Bad idea from day one. If Apple wants to attack market share in the consumer arena, then there is only one to do it…

    Either drastically reduce the prices of the hardware OR make OS X run on the x86 platform and allow 3rd party hardware makers like Gateway, Dell and Sony to pre-install OS X on machines as competition to MS Win XP.

    Simple. I guess too simple for Jobs. Apple totally screwed this one up. They are wasting a great OS on overpriced, cloaked hardware.

    Mitch Featherston


    Hmmm… software.

  • Posted: 08 January 2002 12:58 PM #15

    On 2002-01-08 16:49, Sigmascape wrote:
    What do I think of the Apple Stores? Bad idea from day one.


    No answer.  Well, considering that Apple has hired successful executives from Target, The Gap, and Macys to help its retail efforts, I think they’re not thrashing around blinding in this area.

    Either drastically reduce the prices of the hardware

    ...and lose billions of dollars in price-slashing throat-cutting, the way Gateway, Dell, and Compaq are currently doing?  There’s a smart move. 

    OR make OS X run on the x86 platform and allow 3rd party hardware makers like Gateway, Dell and Sony to pre-install OS X on machines as competition to MS Win XP.

    ...and watch the software get pirated from here to Timbuktu, while Apple loses the revenue stream from hardware sales.

    Simple. I guess too simple for Jobs.

    Yeah, who needs experienced businessmen when he could tap an armchair quarterback sitting in obscurity on the internet?

    They are wasting a great OS on overpriced, cloaked hardware.

    Or maybe Mitch is too cheap to buy a computer besides el cheapo boxes banged together in Texas from generic brand parts made in Korea.

    Monopoly XP T-shirts!

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