2nd Gen Shuffle

  • Posted: 12 November 2006 01:11 PM

    Just picked up a new shuffle yesterday! I have to say this is the nicest iPod I’ve used.
    I have read stories of static and background noise on them, of the two I listened to at the Apple store, I heard nothing. On the one I purchased nothing either, just sweet music.
    I predict these will be the biggest seller of all the flavors of iPod. They are so small and clip on anything, just amazing. Perfect Tie clip! Also the price is right, so people that already own an iPod will probably pick one of these up too. What a GREAT gift, load it up with a couple hundred of your favorite songs and say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday” or even ” Who loves ya baby”.
    They are Hot!

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    Posted: 07 December 2006 06:30 AM #1

    I Love You Baby! raspberry

    Now buy me one! :D


    You can save your money to spend later on retirement, but you cannot save the days of your youth.  Therefore, spend some of your money on yourself and enjoy life now!       

  • Posted: 07 December 2006 08:34 PM #2

    [quote author=“thepoeticjuan”]I Love You Baby! raspberry

    Now buy me one! :D

    If I had your money I would burn mine! I only say that cause it be true.

  • Posted: 07 December 2006 09:02 PM #3


    I guess that I should add this little bit. After using my shuffle for awhile I decided to give them as Christmas gifts to all my family.
    My brother came over last weekend so I gave him his, as he won’t be around.
    Just a little bit about my brother, he is utterly in the microsoft camp and grows weary of me talking Mac. After opening the package and listening to the shuffle for a bit ( I had preloaded it ) I saw him just sitting on the sofa just holding it and I can only say gazing at it with a look of awe. Later he said that I had really upped the ante on gift giving. Furthermore he mentioned that maybe there was something to Apple after all, if they can make something as great as this. I can only hope everyone on my list is as happy!
    Sorry Juan :wink: