iPod Video newbie—please help

  • Posted: 21 November 2006 06:26 PM

    I have a new 80Gig iPod Video. I’ve converted my videos to iPod format with QuickTime Pro. They are all on my iTunes as Music Videos. I’ve already created playlists in iTunes, synched those to the iPod but, I cannot figure out what I am missing. I’m trying to create a music video playlist which will play a playlist of videos on the iPod.

    Also, I cannot figure out what the the ‘Videos\Video Playlist’ menu option is for on the iPod. I *thought* that this sub menu, whatever it is would display the video playlist I made from iTunes but, that does not seem to be what the menu item does.

    Please advise


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    Posted: 07 December 2006 06:51 AM #1

    Wow! For a second my head was spinning!

    OK, I get it, but I don’t know how to do that.  Did you ever figure out if it was possible?


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