Which iPod did you get this holiday season?

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    Posted: 27 December 2006 05:19 AM

    Holiday gift giving is winding down for the season, which hopefully means that plenty of people are firing up brand new iPods. This year my iPod collection grew by one with the addition of a second generation iPod shuffle - received as a gift. Anyone else score an iPod?


  • Posted: 27 December 2006 08:48 AM #1

    Nano 2G Product Red Special Edition (8GB)

    Sooper sweet!

    Thanks Homie!


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    Posted: 27 December 2006 06:35 PM #2

    Didn’t get any, but I was a good Santa and gave two Shuffles as gifts.  smile


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  • Posted: 28 December 2006 05:55 AM #3

    Got none, but my wife gave two nanos to the boys and two shuffles to my brothers kids, Denise and Denephew.


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  • Posted: 21 April 2007 03:30 PM #4

    Didn’t get one :( maybe I was too bad during previous year rolleyes