need help testing web stats package

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    Posted: 04 January 2007 03:23 AM



    I’m currently testing the StatCounter web statistics/analytics package, and need simple help from TMO’s worldwide member base. If willing, please just click on the link to my website, shown below in full URL:

    This is the same, pathetic, outdated portfolio site that’s been in my sig since I joined TMO, with the addition of StatCounter code on the pages. StatCounter should be able to show me details on site visitors down to the city of origin and ISP level. That’s what I’m interested in knowing, and why I’m hoping TMOers will help out.

    You needn’t click around my site; just a quick visit to the Home page will be enough. Please let me know if you have questions, and thanks for helping out!

    Finally, for those worried about privacy, StatCounter does write a simple cookie to your browser, only to keep track of repeat/returning/unique visitors. It cannot, and does not, provide me with names of site visitors.


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