Are Mac OS X & The New iMac Making New Mac Converts?

  • Posted: 23 April 2002 08:43 PM #16

    I think the Apple retail stores are turning a lot of heads and really making
    a diffence. They display not only the hardware in working order but also the software and the availability of software. I bet most Windows users thought that three quarters of the software wasn’t even available on a Mac until they went into one of Apples retail stores. OSX is definately turning heads and with hardware like the new iMac. Definately making converts out of the PC crowd.

  • Posted: 23 April 2002 08:46 PM #17

    We’ve been x86 pc users since 1988 - after switching from the Commodore Amiga/C128/C64 boxes.  We purchased the iMac top end machine for the DVD capability and the movie editing software.  We have not been disappointed.  It performs much better than our 1.6GHz Win 2K Pro machine by a longshot for video capture and editing, part of which is the software.

    The iMac has it’s issues but so do all other machines and operating systems on the planet.  I really feel very happy using the new iMac with OS X just like I did when I bought that first Commodore 64 in 1984, 2 days after I was married.

    Maybe this is midlife crisis…

  • Posted: 23 April 2002 09:24 PM #18

    I gave up evangelizing a few years ago. All it did was generate resistance and lots of eye-rolling and get me all cranked up. However, just USING my Mac and showing my work to people has changed minds!

    I carry and use my TiBook just about everywhere and I’ve become the official family event photographer. It’s a thrill for everyone because I can transfer photos from my CoolPix and have instant slide shows while things are still happening. Playing with Photoshop is always a hit… turning people green or swapping body parts or hair styles, etc. Unsharp Masking a blurry shot or tweaking the Levels is better than MAGIC!

    At a big gathering a few weeks ago, THREE die-hard family PC users (these are folks who would scoff at the THOUGHT of Macs, previously) seriously asked pointed and detailed questions about ditching PCs and getting Macs. The new iMac and TiBook were the favorite choices. There was even an old mainframe UNIX-head who was THRILLED to learn about Mac OS X and its BSD roots! X and the iMac were making him a first time computer buyer.

    It’s funny because, literally, EVERYONE in the family uses computers, from my cousins’ 3 year old to my 97 year old grandfather. There are artists, engineers, and programmers in the bunch, too. Two of us run our design businesses exclusively with Macs. We’re about split down the middle 50% Mac, 50% PC. But I really see the balance moving toward Macs. The new iMac and OS X vs. whatever flavor of Windows really seems to tilt the balance.


    Macintosh: It just WORKS!!!

  • Posted: 23 April 2002 10:54 PM #19

    .. alot of Windows users are in the the same situation as I am - they have older machines & if we make the upgrade to WinXP it will be both a hardware & software upgrade -  that makes Apple much more appealing because you going to have to start all over again so why not try Apple ?? - OS X was introduced about the same time as XP which I believe was one smart marketing ploy - but the main problem is Apple’s hardware prices - you have to think long & hard about paying a premium for their hardware.

  • Posted: 24 April 2002 05:57 AM #20

    i’m a new mac owner and don’t see any possibility of going back to GatesVille! I came around when OSX got stable and i’m having great fun learning PHP/MySql on a great box. (my first p.c. was an 8088 powered box from IBM).

    All my friends were amazed that i switched over to Mac. The only thing i don’t care for is the total lack of support for HP PCL printers. I have a unix (freebsd) network at home with an HP LaserJet 4L printer that I can’t use from my mac. But, I’m hoping that gets fixed in 10.2!

    Otherwise, I LOVE my iBook!!!!!!
    Eric Rehnke, ke6ql

  • Posted: 24 April 2002 04:00 PM #21

    Maybe a few new Mac users, but I don’t think many.