Awful distortion when recording acoustic guitar…HELP!

  • Posted: 31 January 2007 06:39 PM

    Hi.  I have been having difficulties recording acoustic guitar on GarageBand.  I haven’t been using any effects as I just want the sound of guitar, nothing else.  Unfortunately, upon playback the sound is terrible.  It almost sounds as if the speakers are blown, but that isn’t possible as I just bought my MacBook Pro.  Any ideas on why it sounds so distorted or how to fix this issue would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

  • Posted: 01 February 2007 07:12 AM #1

    More information would help — for example, how are you recording the guitar? Using the internal mike, or a Griffin iMic, or a digital audio recorder? Those internal mikes have a very very limited dynamic range; you’ll be better off with an external (even for acoustic!).

    In the meantime… when you look at the waveform in GarageBand, does it look flat-topped? If it does, try moving your microphone about two feet farther away from the guitar. You might want to experiment with different distances until you find the sweet spot that gives you good solid audio without any clipping.