Apple III on PC Mag's 10 worst PCs of alltime

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    Posted: 23 March 2007 06:43 PM

    From PC magazines list of the 10 worst PC’s of all time re, the Apple III:

    “According to most accounts, Jobs insisted that the machine be built without a cooling fan; instead, the system’s aluminum case served as a heat sink. (A mistake Apple repeated with the Mac G4 Cube in 2000.) Worse, the Apple III crammed too many components into too small a case. As the system overheated, circuit boards warped and chips popped out of their sockets; users were supposed to pick up the machine and drop it to re-seat the chips. List prices between $4300 and $7400, depending on configuration, only added to the misery.”

    Hey, that’s nothin’, check out the list. Tell me you don’t giggle, if not downright laugh your keester off at some of the units on the list.,129857-page,8-c,desktoppcs/article.html  :D


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  • Posted: 24 March 2007 10:25 PM #1

    Yeah. That’s funny.


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