Apple Announces iChat, AIM-Compatible IM

Poll: iChat: Would you use it?
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You betcha!
No way, Adium/Fire/AIM/ICQ/IRC/CLI’s Talk ROCK!
Humbug! Chatting is for people who like to waste time!
Isn’t this the kind of thing that got Microsoft in trouble?
  • Posted: 07 May 2002 11:10 AM #31

    Re: iChat, iWhy?

    [quote author=“Anonymous”]I guess I’m just a cantankerous old fart,  :wink:  but I just don’t “get” this whole instant messaging thing. I mean, you still have to be on line for it to work, which is fine if you have a dsl type service, but on dial-up it strikes me as a huge exercise in frustration.

    From a technical standpoint, IM barely uses any bandwidth, even on dialup. I use it while browsing and checking email regularly with no hit in performance. And if you’re talking to someone, for example, on the other side of the planet, it doesn’t cost any more than a local call to your isp.

    I also didn’t ‘get it’ for a while. All it took was making a friend online to make me see the benefits. People are people, no matter how they communicate. It’s no different from penpals during WWII. People make friends, keep in touch with family, conduct business and even fall in love :valentine:, online. There are many people here in these forums who do/have done all these things. :D It’s much more common than I ever thought.



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  • Posted: 07 May 2002 12:01 PM #32

    If it’s any good, I’d use it instead of AIM.  It would be really nice if it worked with ICQ also.  Then I would only have the one IM app.

  • Posted: 07 May 2002 12:44 PM #33

    turning off?

    What is all this talk about ‘Turning Off’ iChat?? Just trash it.

    I’m guessing (aren’t we all) that this will be an application and no more integrated into the OS than any of the other iApps. If you don’t want to use it, don’t use it. If you don’t want anyone to be able to use it, throw it away.

    I will definately use it. I hate AOL’s AIM client. Icky icky poo.

  • Posted: 07 May 2002 03:42 PM #34

    I’m sticking with Adium , the best OS X AIM client. iChat: brushed metal PLUS a silly speech balloon interface.[/url]

  • Posted: 07 May 2002 03:45 PM #35

    I’ll play

    I’ll play with it but likely stick with Fire since who knows what’s happening while iChat is running. I don’t trust it because it adheres to AIM standards.

  • Posted: 07 May 2002 10:17 PM #36

    worth a try, but don’t think it will put out the "fire&

    i use itunes, iphoto and imovie.  all great simple apps for daily usage.  i hope ichat is as good as these.

    i have always had AIM and MSN open at the same time.  after reading through these posts, i downloaded Fire.  Killer App.  Apple could take a lesson from their own playbook - make everything as crossplatform compatible as possible.  if they had iChat work like Fire, I’d use it exclusively. 

    Fire just looks/works too damn well.  :o

    (only suggestion for Fire folks: allow user to enter more than one user per chat service - i have 2 MSN accounts - work and personal)

  • Posted: 08 May 2002 03:57 AM #37

    Proteus a better multi-service messenger.

    Proteus is, in my humble opinion, a far superior multi service messenger. Not to mention that iChat looks terrible, bloated and clunky in terms of it’s user interface.

    And has anyone given any though to security issues? With our luck apple will give the thing root user permissions (eek!)

  • Posted: 08 May 2002 04:45 AM #38

    It would be really cool if Apple based iChat on Adium or Fire. But Apple probably wouldn’t do that, because then they’d have to make it be GPL.

  • Posted: 08 May 2002 06:43 AM #39

    I hate to cry wolf, especially at Apple, but ichat is already a registered trademark of ichat international.  So is the iChat name really all that different from ichat?  What’s next, OS XP?


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    Posted: 08 May 2002 09:11 AM #40

    I might try iChat

    I really like AIM.  I don’t think any other 3rd party app really got it right.  Sure, AIM is clunky, but it does the job well.  AIM includes features that AOL believes are important.

    I bet those “pictures” of people are just AIM buddy icons.
    I hope the chat bubbles can be turned off.
    I do like the use of file-sharing.
    I hope it is as customizable as AIM.
    AIM & AppleScript is really useful.  iChat needs AppleScript functionality to be as useful to me.

    I’m not sure about iChat, but I’ll try it.  But it really has to be great to convince me to swtich over.

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    Posted: 08 May 2002 09:46 AM #41

    There are two nice things that Apple can do with this, now that it’ll be included with every Mac:

    1: iChat based tech support. Send e-mail to tech support, and if they’re online, you can do a live chat to solve your problems. They could do the same with a reply e-mail.

    2: The peer-to-peer file sharing is a good idea for companies that need to share files. With e-mail, there is usually a size limit to the files you can send. There can also be significant delays if a file is not compatable, or isn’t working properly on the clients computer; something made worse by the delays between when people check and send their e-mails.

    This also has advantages over web sharing; No webspace is needed. Files are not made public, so files that might be confidential can be shared with less concern over public access. Also, you don’t have to deal with artificial download restrictions. Some IT departments remove the ability to download EXE or other potentially viral files from websites. MOV or SWF files might be protected, so unless you send a direct HTML link to the file, they cannot be downloaded by most people.

    This type of Instant Messaging might appeal to professionals as well as the typical teen crowd.


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  • Posted: 13 May 2002 08:36 PM #42

    Chatting and other delights

    Hmm, well maybe I always go Hmmm, when something gets the grey matter going, - at least enough to ‘do’ a post.  Um, as a relative computing ‘newbie’ I was at first sort of disdainful and enamoured of ‘instant messaging’ at the same time.

    However, I’ve now got AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN (confess, PC boy   :D ) and the only one not regularly used is AIM.

    I kinda got it by default when I downloaded Netscape 6.2 in an effort to escape the clutches of MS, but don’t have anyone that I know on AIM.

    The only annoyance is having to have multiple ‘messenger’ apps. open at the same time to communicate with friends all using different protocols, so although I’m unable to experience it, Fire sounds a really great idea, and it’d be fantastic if Apple did something along those lines.

    I too hope they don’t ‘integrate’ it into the OS so as to ‘force’ one to use it.  But hey, I don’t think that’s Apples’s style.  I’m a bit ambivalent about the ‘look’ but things may change by the time it’s properly released.
    Regretably, sadly, lamentably, I, due to a most unexpected recent downturn in my health, and resultant financial constraints, remain for the time being a sort of semi confused, double tortured soul in that I have to continue to put up with the PC, AND an almost insatiable lust for a Mac . (Sob :cry:  ) 

    It’s great to be making some progress though, and back on the forum - thanx Jinkies for your welcome back.  After all the wonderful help I received re the PC v’s Mac debate, it’s just so galling to still be stuck with the PC   :cry: 

    It’s not that I hate the PC mind, it’s just that it’s so, well, um, complex and with as much personality as a fridge.  Ooh, I’m being naughty here; far be it for me to impune the mighty marketing machine of one MS Gates,  but hey, my fridge is white, an it keeps my food cool and stuff,  - the PC? well, at leat I can write to this forum!

    I almost feel guilty contributing to a Mac Forum on a PC, but it’s not my fault! really!  (Oh well, at leat I still have some sense of humour about all this, even as I watch my Mac Budget being eaten away by Bills!)  :cry: 

    Anyway, getting of the subject a bit here, but I do really enjoy the forum, and there are so many nice people on it, so it’s nice to say publicly ‘Hello’ everyone, hope you don’t mind a PC user/Mac wannbe, amongst your midst.  :D

    So, having um, re-introduced myself, one of the things that annoyed/concerned me a little bit in my thoughts about coming out into the light from the PC, is the undeniable fact that some apps. just work better on the PC platform. 

    As I understand it (pls correct me if I’m wrong here) many applications written for the PC platform are simply ‘ported’ across to the Mac without being specifically re-written for it; consequently performance/features can suffer. 

    As a PC user, it troubled me when I tried the Macs in the shops   that programs that I now use a lot like Yahoo, and MSN etc, didn’t look/run as well on a Mac as on the PC, ,,, SO,,, from my point of view I think that Apple bringing out their own dedicated version of an IM is a big plus, and removes for me anyway, one of the perceived disadvantages of the Mac. 

    And that in my view has to be a good thing in the PC v’s Mac comparo   :D

    Anyway, time to be off, so again a hello to everyone, and I look forward as the ‘cuckoo in the nest’ to be able to contribute something hopefully relevant in the future. 

    Take Care all, give your Macs a hug,




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