How many iPods are in your house?

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    Posted: 09 April 2007 06:25 AM

    For many people, one iPod just isn’t enough, and I know that’s true for me. I have five iPods (3G, 2 nanos, 1G shuffle, 2G shuffle), and my wife has two (iPod mini and 1G shuffle). How many do you have?

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 07:25 AM #1

    Original model I won in a drawing is still kicking out about 5 hours of battery life, and the capacity sure beats the 2GB nano 2nd gen I got as a spiff.

    Unless there’s another metallic pink like the mini, I think the GF will keep hers until it dies.

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 07:26 AM #2

    hand me downs

    Our family has recycled several iPods.  I bought the 15 gig model 4 years ago, bought a 30 gig click wheel two years ago and handed my old one to my wife.  Shortly thereafter, I bought a black Nano not long after they came out, and kept it for about six months, when my commuting habits changed back to driving (much shorter distance!).  I then handed that Nano down to my oldest daughter.  Not long after I got the Nano, my youngest got the same black Nano for herself!

    All four are still in use.

    Not bad, if I do say so myself.

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 07:45 AM #3

    This guy needs a new one

    “Kevin Garrad (3rd Infantry Division) was on a street patrol in Iraq (Tikrit I believe) and as he rounded the corner of a building an armed (AK-47) insurgent came from the other side.

    The two of them were within just a few feet of each other when they opened fire. The insurgent was killed and Kevin was hit in the left chest where his IPod was in his jacket pocket. It slowed the bullet down enough that it did not completely penetrate his body armor. Fortunately, Kevin suffered no wound.”

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 08:22 AM #4

    Iraq iPod

    That is soooo cool! I would like to see Apple get wind of this and send him a new one.
    The only way that story could be better would be if the insurgent got shot in his zune.
    God Bless our troops!!

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    Posted: 09 April 2007 08:30 AM #5

    I have a 20Gb and my wife has a 30Gb color. They are at work 95% of the time on wall power and hooked up to speakers. Every once in a while we do a road trip and use them in the car. In my Mini I installed a jack to feed into the stereo system and the sound is fantastic. In the Prius we haven’t figured out how to do a hard wired feed into the stereo and use a Belkin transmitter which has been adequate but suffers from interference issues.


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    Posted: 09 April 2007 08:31 AM #6

    I have two, one dead and one alive.

    The dead was a 20GB black and white model that I bought from a second-hand store for $200. It lasted me about a year before the hard drive died on it (keeps locking up when trying to copy songs over)

    The current (living) model is a 30GB iPod Video model I got for my 30th Birthday.

    I have no plans on getting another iPod any time soon, although I’ll probably get the iPhone once it comes up to Canada.


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  • Posted: 09 April 2007 09:21 AM #7

    I have half an iPod. The hard drive died a month or so ago. Took it to the Apple Store to have it looked at under AppleCare and the guy found a small dent in the back cover so refused to do anything with it. I’m now looking for a replacement drive and failing that I will manage without. I’m not a very happy bunny at the moment and will definitely think twice about AppleCare in the future.

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 09:26 AM #8

    1st gen white 5 gig, bought on day 1. My kids killed the hard drive three months ago

    1st gen 1 gig white shuffle. Lost, maybe stolen.

    1st gen black nano, for my wife

    2nd gen silver shuffle for me

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 02:17 PM #9

    2 iPod 3G’s… one for me and my girlfriend…

    ...then mine got “slightly” run over by my car… (it doesnt say in the manual NOT to drive over it…)

    So added 1 Video iPod 5.5G replacement, and gave it to my girlfriend since I was the one dumb enough to run over my 3G.

    But that’s okay, cause I’m gonna be the one to get an iPhone this year!  LOL

    so 3… til June.

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 04:53 PM #10

    All of them!

    Yes I own all of them because I fix them ( for a living, I still love my 1st gen. though

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 05:59 PM #11

    I own the the first gen 5gb iPod, I don’t often use it now (not really worth replacing the battery either).  Bro has the iPod mini 6gb.  So that’s two here.

  • Posted: 09 April 2007 09:49 PM #12

    1 iPod (1G)

    I ordered it the day it was announced and it arrived on the first shipping day. Actually, I lie slightly - the original one was replaced free as the result of a cracked headphone jack mounting, and the FireWire cable port worked loose on the replacement (paid repair). So, strictly speaking, this is iPod #3, but it feels and looks like the original 5GB model. I’ve replaced the battery, but it still looks good (I keep it in a case) and it gets used almost every day.

  • Posted: 10 April 2007 12:14 AM #13

    In my house? I can count 12 iPods. We like them. smile

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    Posted: 10 April 2007 01:40 AM #14

    [quote author=“DawnTreader”]In my house? I can count 12 iPods. We like them. smile

    And Apple likes customers like you smile

  • Posted: 21 April 2007 03:28 PM #15

    two people, two pods… it would be a nonsense to have a third one :apple:  :D