average transfer times from ipod to external drive??

  • Posted: 11 April 2007 10:03 AM


    i am backing up some music files for a friend of mine who has an older 20 gig ipod.  i used iprobe to access the songs as i couldn’t get any of his music to show up on my version of itunes (his computer’s back east).  btw, used iprobe because that appeared to be the only program that would actually work with OS 9 (yup—my mac is ancient!).

    anyway—my question (finally!)... how long should it take to rip approx 19 gigs of music files ( @ 2100 songs ) from the ipod (using iprobe on an older system) onto an external harddrive (using a 160 gig mybook).

    my mac’s been “working” on it for nearly 10 hours…  i know the iprobe program works fine as i transferred smaller chunks of songs (@ 100 at a time) onto my mac’s harddrive… and that only took 20-30 minutes each time.  i know when transferring to an external HD it takes longer… but i am starting to fear the whole thing’s just simply frozen up.

    lol—so long question into one sentence… should it be taking 10+ hours to transfer 2100 songs from his ipod to an external drive or does it sound like the system’s simply frozen up and i need to reboot??

    thanks for any ideas!!
    lyndon :innocent:

  • Posted: 11 April 2007 11:37 AM #1


    ok—well i just got my own question answered!!  it finally finished after nearly 12 hours - yikes!!  :bugeyed: