Apple's P/E 116!

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    Posted: 24 July 2001 10:39 AM

    Whoa!  A quick check of Apple’s chart shows the company has a whopping P/E of 116.84f! Holy Thank-Goodness-For-All-Those-Cash-Holdings, Batman!


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  • Posted: 23 July 2001 08:26 AM #1

    It’ll be much lower by the end of the fiscal year.  Remember, Apple did bleed some red earlier… which is devastating to PE’s.

  • Posted: 24 July 2001 10:39 AM #2

    I dont know where they age getting the eps of 114 from. for the four quarters ending in june, apple earned -.15 which would give it a N/A eps.  In fact it will get worse, if apple earns the same next quarter as they did this one, its eps will be -.30 for the year. however, 2 quarters from now, if eps remains about the same, theyll go from -.30 to +.60 eps which at $20 a share is about 33 p/e