Problem with the IPOD - URGENT

  • Posted: 01 May 2007 09:27 AM


    Well recently I have been having problems with my IPod. The battery gets discharged very fast,even when Iam not listening to my IPod so often. Another issue which has occurred is that my IPod is not getting recognized when Iam inserting the USB to my computer.
    Hence my Ipod is neither getting charged and nor is it switching ON…

    Please advice me what I should do.

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    Posted: 01 May 2007 01:47 PM #1

    A little more info would be helpful…

    Can you be more specific as to which iPod you are using, what commputer platform (OS X10.x.x, Windows xxxx), and whether or not here has been physical trauma to the device (dropped, kicked, sat on it, etc.)?


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