iPhoto and ViviCam 3105s problem

  • Posted: 16 May 2007 10:32 PM

    I have been unsuccessful connecting my digital camera, Vivitar ViviCam 3105s , with iPhoto.  I have a Mac G3 with both System 9.2 and 10.2.8.  Does someone know a way around this?

    Is there a piece of software (inexpensive) that will allow this?  I am stumped.

    Ada H in sunny Modesto, CA

  • Posted: 18 May 2007 05:59 PM #1

    Have you tried importing your photos using Image Capture? (/Apps)

    One thing to look at in OS X is the Preferences in Image Capture, which specify what happens when you connect a camera.

    Even if after setting the Image Capture Prefs to launch iPhoto on connect of camera, try using Image Capture to suck the photos off your cam.

    If all this fails, does your camera mount as a USB device, with an icon indicating its presence, either on the desktop or as a drive listed in the Finder? If so, drag and drop images from the DCIM folder.

    If this fails, go to About this Mac in the Apple menu (in 10.2.8). Lauch it, click on “More Info”. Make sure your camera is connected and turned on (it was turned on to “play” or “view” mode before, right?). Look in the USB section of the list, where you should find your camera listed. If it’s not, then you’re either all out of luck, because your Vivitar just doesn’t know how to flag its presence to your Mac, or possibly it is malfunctioning. You might like to try plugging it into another Mac or a Windows PC to double-blind the result.

    Looking at Vivitar’s product page is not encouraging. It merely says “OS9 or later” and does not indicate whether your camera supports PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) but does suggest in the troubleshooting link that you look at your manual, which will indicate OS compatibility.

    Next time you buy a camera, first check its compatibility.

    You can do that here:


    By no means, however, is this list exhaustive.

    And if you had bought a camera with removable storage, ie SD card or CompactFlash, you would have the added option of using a card reader. The 3105s, it would appear, has only the inernal memory.

    Hope this helps.


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