Another DIVX question…

  • Posted: 18 May 2002 07:16 AM

    Is it me or is it a pain in the A$$ to watch a DIVX movie on the mac?  Help me out here people!!  I have read some of the search results, but want to know some peoples most successful methods.  I was able to watch one converting the sound and all that Jazz.  Will this change with the new quicktime?  Actually this is kind of a rant slash information seeking post!  Thanks to all who help, in adavance! :D


    iBook 600
    3??mb ram


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    Posted: 18 May 2002 08:34 AM #1

    Re: Another DIVX question…

    Yeah, it’s kind of a pain.  But I do it and feel like a Terminal whiz.  wink

    We’ve been discussing DivX players for OS X in the X forum, and you can go over and read that discussion and check out the links and info there.

    The best way to do it, IMHO, is to extract the sound using the getMp3 command (you can find the install info in my post in the other thread) and not use the tool to make the .avi into a .mov file.  Too many times, this results in wacky sound sync problems in a file that is longer than about 10 minutes.

    Hope this helps!  :grin:


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  • Posted: 18 May 2002 07:59 PM #2

    I have decent luck with the Divx 5.0 beta at and the avi2mov utility at 

    I personally don’t download much in Divx, but my brother does quite a bit on his PC so occassionally he shares stuff with me.  Anyhing encoded with WMA (Windows media Audio) does not work, but luckily most are encoded with mp3 audio tracks.

  • Posted: 01 June 2002 11:08 PM #3

    Damn cross-platform lag…

    I used to be able to convert audio to a playable format under X, but in the past month or so, they’re* using a new format to encode the audio. Maybe. I could’ve become incompetent overnight… maybe I’ll try that Terminal trick.

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  • Posted: 01 June 2002 11:45 PM #4

    Recently i have had luck with Mplayer (a Linux port the will play everything i have thrown at it but controls are limited) and Quicktime using the divx doctor software to convert into .mov formats.  I havent had any trouble recently on my little iBook 600MHZ with 384mb of ram.  I have watched all the new movies from episode 2 to spiderman to DVD rips of Tron to JPOP videos.  Either i am just lucky or i finally figured out a method that works?? 8) 



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