Which iPod case or cover do you prefer?

  • Posted: 20 June 2007 11:07 PM

    Just thought I’d throw this topic out for discussion. What’s your favorite iPod protector?

  • Posted: 20 June 2007 11:12 PM #1

    I’ve owned three iSkins. I got a light blue one for my first iPod, a second-gen model. Then I got a black iSkin for my fourth-gen black-and-white iPod. Just yesterday, I picked up the black iSkin EVO3 for my fifth-gen iPod with video. I have been very satisfied with them all, which is why I stuck with that brand.

    Overall I prefer rubbery iPod covers to the slick, smooth ones. I use my iPod connected to my car stereo a lot and that this type of skin helps keep it from sliding off the upholstery to the floor.