iPhone, the guided tour:  Comments?

  • Posted: 26 June 2007 10:55 AM #16

    [quote author=“Intruder”]And the iPhone battery may be just as “unreplacable” as the iPod battery is, ie it can be done fairly easily with a credit card. Most of the 3rd party replacement batteries come with the tools to do the job.

    Right. There are tons of different places you can get an iPod battery replaced at very little cost (over the cost of the battery). I have no doubt that getting an iPhone updated with a new battery will be just as easy.

    As for the camera, I’m not surprised there’s no demo of it anywhere. It takes photos, but not videos. This fact took me a long time to confirm online. Clearly, Apple’s really trying to down-play this issue and hopes people just won’t think about it. If they put a demo of the camera online it would be harder to ignore the issue, so they just don’t mention it at all.

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    Posted: 26 June 2007 10:12 PM #17

    [quote author=“Biff”]Am I missing something or has the camera-related part of the software never been shown? Are we do for another surprise feature this week?

    You can see the camera UI in a photo at the top of Pogue’s review today. It’s pretty much all viewfinder + button.

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