New iMac Concept ?

  • Posted: 27 June 2001 11:49 AM

    The other day I was thinking: ‘What happens if one attaches a flat screen to its computer base?’ If the iMac gets its flat screen will it not be either a less portable laptop or, more realistically, a new Cube with the cube part incorporated behind, below or on top of the screen. Now, imagine yourself sitting before a 15’ Studio LCD with the cube hidden underneath your work surface. Wouldn’t this be exactly like the new iMac experience with an even thinner screen?

    Apart from the specs, will the only difference between the Cube and the new iMac be that the computer elements will be hidden inside the screen frame? Why flatten the screens if the iMac will make ‘em bigger again?

    What I’m trying to say is that the flat-screen policy (which I like) somehow obsoletes the iMac-all-in-one concept. Why not face this and invent a consumer ‘Cube’ model. I would suggest making it a bit more playful. Turn the cube part into a sort of oval form (yes, maybe a bit like a bigger airport base station) and let the people decide wether they want to put it on display or attach it underneath their desk or hide it in a drawer. Include a 15’ Studio Display in the new iMac package and make it little more inexpensive. Then let the screen be the hub with all the ports on the sides so you can hook up your camera and other stuff. I believe this is the way to go. If you really want ‘all-in-one’ then buy an iBook or a PowerBook.

    What do you think, Steve ?


    Rob, Belgium

  • Posted: 15 June 2001 08:50 PM #1

    I do agree with your point about a LCD iMac just being a less-portable laptop. If they do indeed come out with that product, I wonder about it clashing with the iBook market. That’s why I don’t completely buy into the LCD Imac rumors.

    In terms of the all-in-one design that the iMac has, there seems to be a tendency for novice users to be afraid of cables. It sounds silly, but if mom or grandma sees cables and assembly instructions, they are immediately turned off.
    For the first-time computer user, it is a huge bonus to be able to lift the computer out, plug it in like a toaster and go!


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    Posted: 16 June 2001 12:31 AM #2

    BUt what about this beautiful design?  This, to me, is the most plausible fake I have seen for an LCD iMac.  I think this baby would sell by the boat load, and I am NOT talking small boats here.

    Take the time to go and look.


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  • Posted: 16 June 2001 08:49 AM #3

    Sorry guys, but the next iMac WILL be LCD.  Apple has painted themselves in a corner with this.  They have dumped CRT for everybody else, and they can’t very well come out with a CRT iMac, essentially saying, “Yeah, we know CRT is no good and LCD is the future, but our consumer users won’t care.”

    Marketing nightmare, can’t and won’t happen.

    This, I think, is a more realistic (or desirable…I get those mixed up) take on what the next iMac could be:

    Yes, I know the 17” screen is a pipe dream, but maybe that enclosure with a 15” screen?  Could still work.  Either way, I think it is going to totally blow the doors off of our expectations, and will be the shot in the arm that the iMac, and Apple, needs.


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    Posted: 16 June 2001 09:54 PM #4

    Actually, I think the one I linked to (two posts above) is more realistic than the Lucite one that showed up this week.


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  • Posted: 17 June 2001 08:37 PM #5

    I think they are both cool.  I would love to replace my 6300 with either one of them.  How much will they cost?


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  • Posted: 18 June 2001 02:52 PM #6

    Part 1: I know where the Flat Screen iMac image came from. An advertising company that has done Apple advertising in the past. But where was the 17” iMac image from?

    Part 2: How did people know of the Flat screen iMac? I searched all through thier site and found no link to that image.

    Part 3: I think that the CD-RW / DVD-Rom will be included in whatever the next iMac design will be. I work at an Apple retail store and that is the biggest complaint I hear about the new 2001 iMac’s: No DVD. Sure the CD-RW is nice….but for a home designed computer the DVD is a very nice option. I’m saving my money just to get that iBook with the CD-RW / DVD-ROM drive. I want the CD-RW….but I love to watch my DVD’s.


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    Posted: 18 June 2001 04:19 PM #7

    All I have to say is…

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    Posted: 18 June 2001 11:47 PM #8

    LOL!!!!  That’s awesome!  I hadn’t seen that cartoon before.

    Thanks for posting it Burnum!


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  • Posted: 26 June 2001 11:57 AM #9

    iMac and flat screen? Great!
    The rendered iMac 2 is a forced sham of a design though compared to the clean, mature original form.

    Form is function, not a baroque playground…


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  • Posted: 26 June 2001 03:42 PM #10

    Look, you have to remember that the code name for the new iMac is “Kiva.”  “Kiva” is a Hopi Indian word for a round dwelling that is partly underground (look it up in Webster’s, Dexter!). So, knowing that Mac code names in the past have been somewhat relevant to the actual machines, we can probably assume that the new iMac will be slightly rounder in form factor than the present machine, and perhaps even have a hinged lid for the LCD screen—like an iBook or Powerbook. Picture something like a portable compact disc player on a grand scale. When the screen isn’t needed, it can flip down and be hidden from view. An interesting idea, eh?

  • Posted: 26 June 2001 04:09 PM #11

    Bryan’s “iMac 2” looks too much like the current iMac.  Kyle’s flat-screen iMac looks too much like the Studio Displays.  mwschmeer’s idea of a flip-down screen is too much like an iBook.  Really, I think Johnathan Ive’s challenge here is to come up with something *totally new* and different from anything that’s come before.

    The design of the “20th Century iMac” (to coin a phrase) was entirely based on the CRT, with the actual computer components just fit in wherever they would go.  In a sense, it set a precedent for all-in-one computers with CRTs, and I would argue that virtually every all-in-one CRT computer since has been an iMac copy.

    Ive’s task now is to set a precedent for all-in-one computers with LCD displays.  To do this, he has to take every bit of “CRTness” out of the design.  I don’t think it will just look like a present-day iMac with a “compressed” back; the whole curve, I think, is a relic of the CRT (besides, Apple’s new fascination is with right angles).  But I don’t think it will resemble a Studio Display, either.  I am very excited to see what they come up with, because, as a designer, I know what a challenge it must be.

    I’m afraid I must agree with zeuszen concerning the “iMac 2”—it’s just a 20th-century iMac with and more curvy bits added arbitrarily.

  • Posted: 26 June 2001 08:00 PM #12

    If they do make a imac with a flat panel why would they want to keep a form factor with a space wasteful design, made for the CRT days. When the imac was first made it was made to save space,even through the revisions the case was made smaller. The imac we know today was built around the CRT,but do we really need the VW beatle styling that apple has in the current imac. Don’t get me wrong but I am not suggesting a imac that looks like a cheese box.

    Think now how apple is going to make the next product, they are not going to make it look like the old design. They are going to build it new with a clean slate. With this type of thinking the next imac can take about the same space on the desk as your keyboard. WOW!!!!!

    The apple 15” flat panel look at the specs of it and take out a ruler.
    Size and weight
     Height: 15.8 inches (40.3 cm)
     Width: 16.1 inches (41.0 cm)
     Depth: 6.7 inches (17.2 cm) minimum; 10.2 inches (25.9 cm) maximum
     Weight: 11.5 pounds (5.2 kg)
    Now a imac designed into this would be a very well thought out idea and would be very compact. The imacs goal other than easy internet access is to be small and functional.

    If apple makes such a computer as listed above I can only hope that it is truely All in one. No external power Bricks/speakers imagine trying to find space for those things in a computer lab, but I would trade off the power brick for some internal expansion like 2 PCI slots, 1 AGP. This is all possible in a vertically oriented system with risers turning the pci cards parallel with the logic board and lcd display.

    Final thoughts

    Imac 15” lcd
    G3 500Mhz
    128mb or ram
    10gig hd
    1 Firewire on right
    4 USB on 2right /2left
    56k modem—10/100 etherner / on right
    Slot load cd-rw/ top loading like a cube. yes on the top of the case
    1 standard AGP slot internally / upgradeable
    2 PCI on the left side full size 12”
    Easy acess with coin turn entry….....
    $999.00 Base Config listed here…..
    This is my idea I can only hope apple has alredy thought of it, I surely would like to see something like this in the near future…....

    “Apple next imac will surely be made for sucess not copied for failure"Djb….........................
    my msg i copied/edited from the form “The next iMac MUST be successul”

  • Posted: 27 June 2001 11:49 AM #13

    > mwschmeer

    Hm, and I thought it (the current iMac design) was based on a VW bug (there is one in town, actually, painted ‘Dalmatian’).


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