the "what are you listening to right now" thread..

  • Posted: 04 January 2003 06:06 PM

    Another question…
    I have a dial up connection.
    After installing OSX I had a little trouble figuring out how to connect to the internet. I ended up with the internet connect icon in the dock (after setting the preferences to always connect when I use an internet program). so now I use the icon to connect, it works great BUT the clock that shows connection time usually doesn’t move, it also shows that the connection is idle (while i’m downloading files and sending mail!!??)
    and the biggest problem is that once i’m connected and the connect button turns to disconnect it doesn’t work. i click on it and nothing happens so i’m forced to disconnect by unplugging the phone line which is a huge pain. then when i put the machine to sleep it makes me wait while it closes (or thinks it’s closing) the PPP connection.
    any suggestions?


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