Is Apple Webobjects what I need?

  • Posted: 28 July 2007 09:19 PM

    :D Hi just wanted to know if anyone new anything about apple web objects?I looking for a easy to use program to make a website slide show with music. Any ideas? Thanks Xena smile

  • Posted: 29 July 2007 12:17 AM #1

    WebObjects is probably not what you need because it is more oriented towards server-side scripting for things like shopping carts and other more complex and dynamic websites, often database-driven. The right tool depends on what type of slideshow you want to create. You can put something together in iMovie and then export it as a QuickTime movie to embed in a website. Or if you search Google for terms like “web slideshow” or “javascript slideshow” you can find all sorts of example code or tutorials for making a simple page that automatically steps through your pictures showing each one for a few seconds.

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  • Posted: 29 July 2007 09:24 AM #2

    Hi david thank you so much. I will try that . I aappreciate you time to talk with me. Thank you. Xena

  • Posted: 29 July 2007 09:29 AM #3

    Re: Is Apple Webobjects what I need?

    One more question will this server-slide show work with golive or is it totaly diffant? Do you recommend one that works great with mac osx.  Thanks Xena :D :D

  • Posted: 29 July 2007 02:43 PM #4

    I would not count on most of them to work with pages edited in GoLive—not because they’re incompatible per se but because WYSIWYG website editors have a tendency to rewrite code unexpectedly to the way they think it should be, and screw it up in the process. Can’t hurt to see what happens though.

    Because of the cross-platform nature of the web, virtually any script you find for running slideshows should work equally well with a Mac.