Apple Gamers in need

  • Posted: 05 August 2007 07:49 PM


    (manny thanks if you read this)

    I need help, the mac gaming community needs help… and chances are you can help!

    The Sims 2 is one of the very few games available to the Macintosh community today, that is compared to those that can be run on windows. Games like the Sims 2 allow its users to create their own in-game content using external programs such as SimPE… oh no wait thats a windows program!

    The problem is the only programs that are available to mac users to generate their own content (which would most likely be shared on the web for other users) have mysteriously died out (such as “woohoo” and DBPF reader)

    I have little programing knowledge myself however i believe that the program that would be needed isn’t too complicated. All it needs to do is open up DBPF files (.package files by maxis) let the user export the contents and then import contents and save back down to a DBPF (.package) file all the editing can be done using other programs!!

    if anyone is interested at all at developing a simple program for all the Sims 2 mac users please e-mail/pm me or reply here….. and as i said many thanks if you even read all this to the end!

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