PC Industry Watch: Sun Microsystems

  • Posted: 28 May 2002 01:06 PM

    This thread is designed to feature news and foster discussion about Sun Microsystems, its finances and its activities in the networking and workstation markets.

    Sun Microsystems is a leading maker of enterprise network solutions. Although Sun and Apple Computer compete in different markets, there was a time, during the most challenging period in Apple history, that Sun considered a takeover of Apple.

    Sun competes with IBM, HP and others in providing networking and workstation products for large institutional environments. Its strong presence in its primary markets makes it a bellwether of its industry.

    Sun is the originator of the Java software technology.

  • Posted: 30 May 2002 11:34 PM #1

    Please see the 5/29 Apple Stock Watch report for a quick overview of Sun’s mid-quarter conference call with analysts.

  • Posted: 31 May 2002 01:54 AM #2

    Thanks for the info, DawnTreader. A very good read.



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  • Posted: 30 July 2002 08:15 PM #3

    Apple and Sun are working together on a version of StarOffice for OS X. Please see the 7/29 Apple Stock Watch Report for more information.

  • Posted: 03 August 2002 12:50 AM #4

    Isn’t Sun Microsystems a Server company? Also, don’t they have a 20 processor computer?


  • Posted: 04 August 2002 12:29 PM #5

    Sun Microsystems is a technology solutions provider. Servers are a component of their substantial product offerings.

  • Posted: 08 August 2002 10:53 PM #6

    What about the 20 processor computer? Can you buy it as a Desktop?


  • Posted: 26 August 2002 12:21 PM #7

    Sun Microsystems jumped signinficantly higher on 8/26 on the news of new products. Sun has struggled over the past several months due to the slow down in IT spending. The products announced today will increase the company’s ability to reach into new markets.

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    Posted: 27 August 2002 10:19 AM #8

    [quote author=“yomcat”]What about the 20 processor computer? Can you buy it as a Desktop?

    Only if your furnature will seat Paul Bunyon. These are not home computers, they’re enterprise servers and mainframes, resigned to have an entire office tower running off a single machine. Apple dosen’t build a thing that competes with them.

    The 20 processor one you’re talking about is the Sun Fire 6800 server, with 24 processors.

    Height 173 cm (68.3 in.)
    Width 77 cm (30 in.)
    Depth 99 cm (39 in.)
    Weight, main cabinet 450 kg (1000 lb.) approximate
    Total cost: $1,198,595.00

    But it’s not the top of their line:

    With up to 106 processors, 576 GB of memory, and support for 250 TB of online disk storage, the Sun Fire 15K server is the most scalable and powerful server in Sun’s product line, supporting up to 106, 64-bit UltraSPARC III processors and 576 GB shared memory. And, of course, the Sun Fire 15K server provides the RAS and resource management capabilities that HPTC users demand of enterprise-class systems.

    That one starts at $1,474,935.00, for 8 of the 108 1.05Ghz processors. The 72 processor model is running around $3.5 million US.  Height 191 cm (74.75 in.)
    Width 85 cm (33.25 in.)
    Depth 166 cm (65 in.)
    Weight 1,000 kg (2,200 lb.) fully configured

    And neither of them will play Quake or run Photoshop.


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  • Posted: 27 August 2002 11:43 AM #9

    [quote author=“KitsuneStudios”]

    And neither of them will play Quake or run Photoshop.

    That does it! That big Sun system is now off my Christmas list!  raspberry

  • Posted: 27 September 2002 10:32 PM #10

    Sun fell to a new 52 week low today in intra-day trading before closing at $2.67 per share. The lack of a clear recovery path in the tech industry appears to hitting Sun at least as hard as others.