Question about Ram

  • Posted: 30 May 2002 11:20 AM

    i recently bought a Powermac 7300 on ebay
    and had a Powermac 7100, without even knowing
    what i was doing, pulled off all the ram on the 7100
    and put it in the 7300
    after spending the day perusing sites about upgrading
    the 7300, i realized there are more than one kind of ram that fits on both machines, and now that i realize this, think that i may have put the wrong ram in the wrong spaces
    some had transitors on both sides of the board, some only had it on one side, and while they all fit into the slots, i’m sure that i screwed the whole thing up.
    on the 7100 the total ram was 87 meg and on the 7300, which i believe shipped with 32meg on board, is now at 144 meg

    i guess what i need is, how to tell the different kinds of ram apart and which ones go where, also info on the whole interleaving thing, pairing up ram to boost performance.

    thanks in advance if i don’t get back right away, as i’m moving to kansas city tomorrow and am kinda busy.