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  • Posted: 31 August 2007 07:03 PM

    Can I download footage from camcorder to iMovie on my iMac and then edit it and upload final version to YouTube? Easy? Difficult? Looking for a camcorder. Any suggestions on what camcorder is best? I’ve heard MiniDV are best if you want to edit. Thanks.

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    Posted: 31 August 2007 11:41 PM #1

    Can I download footage from camcorder to iMovie on my iMac and then edit it and upload final version to YouTube?


    Easy? Difficult?


    Looking for a camcorder. Any suggestions on what camcorder is best? I’ve heard MiniDV are best if you want to edit.

    I prefer Canon.


    Your Welcome.

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    Posted: 01 September 2007 01:23 PM #2

    Canon does make excellent products but so does panasonic, JVC and Sony.  However, it really depends on the features you are wanting, what you will be doing with the camera, .  If you want to edit, then mini DV tape or cameras that shoot straight to SD card are the best route to go.  There are excellent options out there for $200-$900 that run the gamut from amateur to Pro-sumer.  I suggest determining your needs and then doing a little research before you buy.  Sites like or are ok, but for in-depth camcorder reviews I have found that is an excellent resource.

        I use a Canon HV20.  It’s a DV camcorder that shoots HD video at 1080 resolution to mini DV tape.  The media is cheap and readily available.  The footage imports easily and can be manipulated in iMovie or Final Cut with no problems.  The camera retails between $700 and $1000 depending on where you shop.  This is more towards the Pro-sumer end of the spectrum, but it illustrates that you can get a VERY good camcorder for under a grand.  Hope this helps.


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  • Posted: 02 September 2007 07:28 AM #3

    iMovie to YouTube

    What is SD card? Like memory card in digital cameras? Best way to download camcorder to iMac? FireWire (does iMac have one?) SD card? Other? I do want to make edits for final version and add titles, possible? (Did you guess I’m new at this?)

  • Posted: 03 September 2007 03:49 PM #4

    Yes, an SD card is a kind of memory card. The best way to download a camcorder, provided it’s MiniDV and not something older, is to use Firewire. The iMac will have one.

    A memory card has a speed advantage over MiniDV tape in transfer time, because a tape must be transferred in real time (ie. 60 minutes of video will take 60 minutes to load into the computer). A memory card can just be copied over with a card reader, and generally is much faster.

    Edits and titles are all possible using iMovie, yes.


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  • Posted: 04 September 2007 02:12 PM #5

    iMovie to YouTube

    Thanks for all the info.
    I’ve heard that in digital camera Canon is the best. In camcorders, SONY is best. Or is to consumer’s personal choice?

  • Posted: 05 September 2007 12:00 PM #6

    The definitive answer, at least for iMovie users: iMovie 08 Camcorder Support .

    My own thoughts, which might be of use for earlier iMovie versions….

    Be very careful when looking at Sony camcorders. Mac users should simply walk away from any camcorder that records to DVD or mini-DVD. One, the compression is going to kill the video quality. Two, it’s a major PITA to get useful video into a Mac from one of those camcorders (sometimes, I think Sony deliberately designs their products to be Mac-INcompatible).

    Right now, miniDV is your best bet for storage in the consumer range. SD (or other flash memory) is great if you’re looking at high-end cameras (pro/prosumer range), but the lower-end models will probably compress your video to death to cram more on the card. In terms of storage, miniDV quality is 14GB for one hour of video — if the camcorder’s best quality mode puts “up to” 20 minutes of video on a 4GB card, it’s fine. Otherwise, stick with miniDV.

    For tape-based camcorders, it has to have Firewire (or i.Link, same thing) on the camera; USB isn’t going to work with iMovie. For flash-based camcorders, Firewire is good but you can probably get by with a card reader. Like I said, avoid DVD-based camcorders. You’ll thank me later. smile

    Two things really separate consumer & pro/prosumer camcorders: optics and external controls. Those big fat lenses on the more expensive cameras pull in more light and deliver a better quality image (kind of important with HD getting popular). Speaking of image, the “good stuff” uses 3CCD imagers, although a new technology (whose name escapes me) is up-and-coming. All those buttons and knobs on the big cameras look intimidating, but they let the operator make adjustments more quickly than the menus. Many consumer cameras have one or two user-definable presets that take some of the pain out of adjusting for different conditions.

    To be honest, I like smaller camcorders — they’re light (important when you’re lugging equipment three miles into the woods) and they don’t intimidate people when you point the camera at them. I just wish “they” could stuff a pro-quality camcorder into a consumer-size body. raspberry

    Don’t skimp on accessories. Get a good sturdy tripod (or monopod if you move around a lot), a couple of high-capacity batteries, and the external charger. A “skylight filter” (basically a clear piece of glass) screws on over your lens and is a must if you’re shooting in dusty environs or just about anywhere else. A stray pebble or ball cracking your filter is no big deal; if it cracks your lens you’re looking for a new camera (or an expensive lens). One of the camera stores can set you up with all that, plus a decent bag to carry it all (although a Porta Brace bag also says “this stuff is worth stealing” so you might want to go with a no-name).

    OK, that’s my data dump….


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    iMovie to YouTube

    Thanks Dirt Road. Appreciate your suggestions.

  • Posted: 22 September 2007 08:33 PM #8

    Exactly what Dirt Road said.

    FWIW, I just procured a Canon HV20 (actually, I won it in a short movie comp. Go me) and having tested it thoroughly I think it comes pretty close to what DR was wishing for in terms of a pro quality camera in a consumer camcorder package.


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  • Posted: 24 September 2007 02:13 PM #9

    Hey, congrats Coaten! I’ll have to go have a look at that model, or whatever the equivalent is in the US….