AtAT is back! "kindasorta"

  • Posted: 04 June 2002 02:36 AM

    Tuesday morning at 3:55AM, the first AtAT episode in over a month went up. Check it out for a look at what has transpired over the last 5 weeks or so. (With much Anya-y goodness. smile)

    Good to have you back, Jack! :D


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  • Posted: 04 June 2002 03:21 AM #1

    Tuesday morning at 3:55AM, the first AtAT episode in over a month went up.

    So I’ve noticed. I feel so much better now…

    Kinda weird you can get so addicted to a website (TMO, xlr8, AtAT, VT)

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    AtAT is part of my daily Mac Diet. It’ll be good to have them back.



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  • Posted: 04 June 2002 03:33 AM #3

    It gives you a really warm feeling inside knowing this kid will be raised in a Mac-friendly environment, doesn’t it? Will she be the next Jonathan Ive?

  • Posted: 04 June 2002 08:52 AM #4

    whew, I was sad when they didn’t broadcast yesterday as initially promised, but now I understand… monday taking place on a tuesday and all.  glad to have AtAT back :D

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  • Posted: 04 June 2002 10:19 AM #5

    As long as we’re not getting “As the Diaper Poops”...  wink


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    Posted: 04 June 2002 10:48 AM #6

    That cracked me up too, rjung.  grin

    We ran a mention/congratulations piece on TMO today announcing the return. Thanks for the heads up, x.  grin


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