eMac now available for all!

  • Posted: 04 June 2002 04:10 PM #16

    Pros & Cons of $1,100 eMac vs. $1,400 iMac

    Pros & Cons of $1,100 eMac vs. $1,400 iMac:

    Advantages of $1,100 eMac CRT over $1,400 iMac LCD:

    $300 less! (duh!)
    Stereo speakers included (extra for $1,399 iMac LCD)
    Easier to add RAM (both slots easily accessible)
    Slightly larger viewable screen (16” vs. 15”)
    Slightly higher resolution (1280x960 vs. 1024x768)
    Analog microphone jack

    Advantages of $1,400 iMac LCD over $1,100 eMac CRT:

    Much lighter (22 lbs vs. 50)
    Fully & easily adjustable screen
    Smaller footprint (88 sq. in. vs. 270)
    Lower electricity use (130 Watts max. vs. 170)
    Much more stylish & aesthetically bee-yoo-tee-ful

    Otherwise, their specs are virtually identical.



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  • Posted: 04 June 2002 04:31 PM #17

    eMac all the way!

    Wow. Seems to me like the low-end LCD iMac just got obsolete. It looks like the only advantage the low-end iMac offers over the eMac is faster RAM. (Yet they both have the same bus speed…I thought RAM speed couldn’t get any higher than the bus speed. Oh well, guess I was wrong.) And the eMac has a larger monitor, with a higher supported resolution, which is a huge plus in my book.

    If I were in the market for a DVD-less Mac, I’d get an eMac, no question. I’d go with the eMac even if it were the same price as the iMac. The fact that it’s $300 cheaper just makes it a no-brainer. It’s just a shame there’s no cheap Mac with a DVD-ROM, because I really like watching DVDs on my Mac (iMac DV+), and there’s no way I’d give up that ability now.

  • Posted: 04 June 2002 05:28 PM #18

    imac-emac (both)

    Actually, depending on my situation both are a great deal. I would buy either one, or both. Daughter get the emac and the wife gets the iMac. I have a G4 Tower.  smile

    Options! What a great thing. In my opinion, anyone who say’s a new Mac is too much money now couldn’t buy it if it cost a $1.00. raspberry

  • Posted: 04 June 2002 08:25 PM #19

    This is Great

    We (my company) was waiting for the G4 iMacs to come down in price, but when the eMac was announced for consumers, we ordered 4 of them. Its all we really need, it is basically the same motherboard as the G4 iMac but cheaper. Not as cool looking but not that far behind. We ordered from Macwarehouse and they are backordered.

  • Posted: 05 June 2002 06:25 AM #20

    I’ve seen them online at the Dutch Apple store. The only difference I noticed was the fact that the best model had 512 MB RAM and the entry 128 MB. There were also some things about the eMac stand and Airport. But if you don’t use Airport and a stand is not important, get the cheapest eMac, and max the RAM yourself with 3rd party RAM. Only drawback is the hard disk which seems to be stuck at 40 GB.


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