Quicktime 6 preview to be released will you use it?

  • Posted: 07 June 2002 08:55 AM #16

    I have them all installed.  In fact the forums at DIVX.com are full of people in the same boat as I.  Seems to be a problem with the Divx 5.0 plugin and quicktime 6.


  • Posted: 07 June 2002 03:52 PM #17

    Fletch, I had the exact same problem with films under QT6. The ones I had encoded with 3ivX 3.5 worked great, other gave the problem you had too. So I simply switched back to QT5 because I didn’t want to go through a lot of trouble. For now QT5 works, and I might put QT6 on a different system to try a few things.


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