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    Posted: 21 September 2007 08:01 AM

    If I may be so bold, with the broadening of Apples product line I’m wondering if it might make sense to make some changes to the TMO site structure. I like the tabs at the top, they provide a convenient way to jump to the topic of interest and skip the rest. I would like to suggest, if you don’t mind, that you concider adding to them and retargeting others.

    First an iPhone tab. Yes the iPhone is a type of an iPod. However, in a very real sense it is a breakthrough product for Apple and I think it should have its own tab. That way all those that really want every scrap of iPhone news would have a convenient source. And those of us that don’t really care could skip around it.

    Second, and to me more importantly, I would suggest you add an Apple tab. The Apple tab would take the place of the current The Mac Observer tab as the place for the best of the articles from the other parts of the TMO site. It seems that it would make more sense to have articles about iPods, iPhones, AppleTV, and Macintosh Computers under an Apple Tab as that is the unifying theme. They are all Apple products, they are not all Macs. This would also, and to me more importantly, free up the The MacObserver tab to concentrate on Macintosh Computer News. The latter is something that sometimes seems to get lost in all the buzz about Apple’s other lines.

    With these changes, you would have the current Deals On The Web tab and iPodObserver tab, a new iPhoneObserver tab for iPhone news and products, the current MacObserver tab emphasizing Macintosh Computer news and a new AppleObserver Tab with the best news from around the Apple Universe including stories on the other sections of the MacObserver site.

    This would just seem more logical than the current structure. There isn’t anything severely wrong with the current structure, it just has a few anachronisms left over from the days when Apple only made Macintosh computers.



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