Want to boost you WiFi signal…beware

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    Posted: 29 December 2007 12:19 PM

    I wanted to boost my Airport Extreme signal to my MacPro. QuickerTeck sells a booster antennas for both AirPort Extreme and the MacPro, promising a significant improvement in performance. After installing the antenna in the MacPro I experience worse performance than the original Apple WiFi card. I called them to reviewed the problem, for which they had no answer to solve the problem. I then requested a return authorization since the product did not work, which they gave me.

    I just received a letter for credit to only buy other products they make. The issue is not the 10% restocking fee, but the fact that they will not refund the balance that I have paid. It is not noted anywhere on their web site that they do not refund, only on the back of the receipt for payment they send, after you have made a purchase. They will only give you a credit to purchase other of their products and that has to be used within 30 days.  Since I have no need for any of their other products I have just been taken for hundreds of dollars.  This is a dishonest practice and the same as stealing.

    I cannot recommend their products or doing business with QuickerTek :(



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    Posted: 29 December 2007 04:03 PM #1

    Dispute it with your credit card company.

  • Posted: 27 December 2008 02:38 PM #2

    I tried the quicker tek dully wifi booster with my 15” g4 powerbook and it was not at all helpfull.  That’s all i got but i wouldn’t buy from them again.