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  • Posted: 18 August 2002 06:56 PM

    I found this site by mistake and boy was I lucky its a great chess site for people who like to play chess online.It was kind of tough because most of the other sites need you to install windows software before you can do anything, but here I didnt have to do anything. I was up and running within 30 second and was playing a game. So thought I should share it with you guys and gals.

    The site is

  • Posted: 18 August 2002 11:57 PM #1

    How come there isn’t an option called ‘I love it’?  :D


  • Posted: 19 August 2002 11:25 AM #2

    well there is one now

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    Posted: 19 August 2002 02:15 PM #3

    Damn now I have to practice up my chess chops…


    - Gavin (DrShakagee)