Would You Buy An Apple iPhone?

Poll: Would You Buy An Apple iPhone?
Total Votes: 27
You bet, as soon as its available!
Maybe, it depends on price.
I doubt it, for a number of reasons too numerous to list here.
No way. This sounds like more iCrap, and that’s the last thing I need.
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    Posted: 19 August 2002 08:55 AM

    As CrazyOne pointed out , and about which we posted a mention , the New York Times has published a report saying that it looks like Apple will be releasing a combination cell-phone/PDA called the iPhone.

    Would you buy one?  Let us know why or why not.


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    Posted: 19 August 2002 09:09 AM #1

    I said “Maybe”, but that’s based less on price, and more on availability.

    Cingular coverage isn’t available in Maine yet, which means no good bluetooth phones work on the local networks. If APple can sign a deal with one of the local groups, (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint), then I’d definately be interested.

    Of course, that also depends on the monthly plan, features of the ohone, etc. If an iPhone really does have Palm-type capabilities, It would be a great deal for me. I’ve been avoiding both PDAs and Cel Phones as “Gadgets”, but I’m getting to the point where both are looking tempting. Both as a single device would be very cool.


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  • Posted: 19 August 2002 09:12 AM #2

    I would if it offered:

    No annual subscription fee.
    No monthly subscription fee.
    8 cents a call anywhere in the U.S.
    No limit to cell phone network in use.
    Ability to plug in Powerbook or iBook’s ethernet port for
    high speed broadband.
    together with .Mac at its $100 a year rate, domain hosting, PHP, SQL, Server side include support, and synchronization with Addressbook, Mail, and iCal.

  • Posted: 19 August 2002 09:13 AM #3

    And it has to plug into my current iPod!

  • Posted: 19 August 2002 09:20 AM #4

    I said no, but my “no” wasn’t as strong as the “no” in the poll. I simply don’t need or want a cell phone, no matter how spiffy it is. Sounds like it could be a cool device, just not for me. smile


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  • Posted: 19 August 2002 09:59 AM #5

    yes sir, that’s my baby,

    no sir, i don’t mean maybe.
    yes sir, that’s my baby now!

    i own a cellphone and a palm, and i have to say that neither is well designed (the same can be said for the preceeding sentence).  if the ipod is indicative of what apple can conjure, then i will be the first in line to buy an “iComm” (that’s what i think they should call it).  people always cite the newton and the cube as apple failures but to my mind, they are amongst apple’s greatest achievements (and there are many of these). this year’s imac flat panel was built upon the ideas and technology first implemented in the cube. it has been described as an eloquent, refined, and evolved cube.  there is no doubt in my mind that apple has been giving careful consideration to the pda landscape and that when we see apple’s iteration of the personal digital assistant we will know that it comes from apple.  and you better believe that they are gonna make us pay for it.  i certainly will


  • Posted: 19 August 2002 10:11 AM #6

    Maybe not a phone…

    A card that lets a desktop Mac be a digital cordless phone would be cool (not a mobile!). Compatible with standard base stations. Using built in mic, speakers, address book. Caller ID so I get a dialog on screen - this call’s from Fred Snart - do you want to answer? And of course speech recognition to let me say “yes - answer” or “no - give him message number 3”.

  • Posted: 19 August 2002 10:34 AM #7


    If it came with a book of manners and was Built in to an I pod. I think cell phones are the ultimate fragmentors of society.they enable us to isolate ourselves into our own worlds forcing people into obsessive connectivnes with no interaction with the local environment.
    Over heard cell conversation (Obliviously blocking only passageway unaware of the growing group of people unable to pass her)
    “yes I’m in zany brainy”
    “I’m in the toy aisle”
    “i got here 5 minutes ago”
    “I left the house 12 minutes ago I’m just calling to tell you”
    “I’ll be home in 8 minutes”
    “wait I have another call I’m putting you on hold”
    “yes I’m in zany brainy”
    “I’m in the toy aisle”
    “i got here 5 minutes ago”
    “wait I’m loosing you”
    “i can’t hear you can you hear me?”

    This we need more of these things like we need a hole in the head.(no matter how cool i don’t want her reading e-mail while she’s driving)


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  • Posted: 19 August 2002 11:17 AM #8

    Hehe, funny how everyone is suddenly much more aware and interested in what apple charges for stuff (due to the current situation.)

    I appriciate apple’s aparent outlook of a single, integrated handheld unit. Since apple is good at making integrated units, I would have guessed they’d be leaning this way. IMHO, apple SHOULD have gone that way with the iPod since the beginning. Music is great, but it’s obvious iPod users also want contacts/callendar, etc. and had to practically bang down apple’s doors in order to get those features. I think Jobs is right though: eventually, people will get sick of having to carry around phone/pager/pda/music etc. all at once. So apple “simplifying” this experience seems like a good fit.

    But I have a hard time believing apple can pull this off without creating a device lacking in the features that an integrated device would need to replace. <rant on> Look at what happened to iChat: cute, bubbly, works pretty well. But sucks in the features department (epecially with regard to locking you into AOL’s network). <rant off>

    Apple would have to have to do some serious work to:

    A) Make everyone drop the PDA/phones they already have
    B) Get everyone to switch to OS-X-on-a-handheld (next to impossible, since there’s no apps for it.)
    C) Keep the cost down, even though they’re dealing with money-grabbers like Verizon.

    I would much rather apple make a pda that plugs into a phone. And it’s GOT to emulate Palm or PPC apps (or run OS X apps natively), or it’s destined to fail.

    I say Jobs should try again to buy Palm. But instead, just buy the Palm OS version of the company (which makes the software). Then build a kickass palm that blows the others away (suck it down, Sony!)

  • Posted: 19 August 2002 11:24 AM #9

    switching cell phone companies and paying 150 to do so.

    Would I purchase an iPhone?? Most likely no. Why? Because I use cellular service such-and-such and they only offer select phones, as every cell company does. And, with the purchase of my last phone, at this price, locks me into using their phones until 2 years from now.

  • Posted: 19 August 2002 11:56 AM #10

    I almost made my original post a poll. :D I said maybe, but my maybe is also based less on price.  It’s more about the features and design of the thing.  In any unit that’s a combo of phone and some other there is some compromise, but I want the data features to be useful.  If it’s just a phone that syncs addresses, that won’t really be appealing.  For a comparison, here is the current front runner for replacing my old phone:  http://www.t-mobile.com/products/handhelds/sidekick/default.asp

  • Posted: 19 August 2002 11:57 AM #11

    given the price of .mac we ALREADY are paying for iPhone!


  • Posted: 19 August 2002 01:07 PM #12

    I might be interested if this iPhone is compatible with GSM networks. Apple should skip all analog support and only support 900, 1800, 1900 MHz GSM bands. In that case I might be interested, depending on the price. If it turns out to be a gadget one can only use in the US, well, I don’t need such a thing


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  • Posted: 19 August 2002 03:31 PM #13

    I’m inclined to buy one. It will depend on features and the cost of service. It’s an interesting idea smile

  • Posted: 19 August 2002 07:46 PM #14

    Not for me.

    I wouldn’t be interested, not for any reasons due to features or price, but because I don’t particularly like phone conversations, as opposed to email or in person, and 80% of the phone calls I do get are junk(as opposed to 10% of my emails being Spam).  I don’t need to call anyone when not at home, and I don’t want to be reached when I’m not at home.


  • Posted: 20 August 2002 02:00 AM #15

    I’d say yes, assuming that:
    a) it was covered in Australia
    b) said coverage is not from Telstra or one of the other ripoff merchants
    c) the network features were better than what we already have, which - let’s face it - whoops the pants off the US.

    A little Nokia and my existing handheld are doing me just fine. smile


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