Calling ALL 3G iPhone OWNERS!

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    Posted: 01 August 2008 09:43 AM

    In conjunction with the IV AAPL Sanity Board, we hope to determine the production rate of the 3G iPhone by examining the serial and IMEI numbers, together with the date of purchase.

    Can anyone who owns a 3G iPhone PLEASE post the following:

    Serial Number: (just the first five characters)
    IMEI Number: (All but last two digits)
    The date of purchase (and date received if ordered)

    We may be able to determine the production rate if we can get enough respondents as a method of partially deciphering the data has been discovered.

    You can get this information from the back of your iPhone’s box, or from you iPhone 3G itself in the Settings/General/About screen.

    Please go to the effort of doing this.. it could help answer a lot of questions.

    Do not post anything in this topic other than these numbers, if you are willing to share them. Disclosing this data will NOT put you at risk, will NOT prejudice your security, and will NOT cause your iPhone to self-destruct on-command from Cupertino smile

    I’ll kick off:

    IMEI: 01 161200 06652xx (xx is the last two numbers which aren’t required)
    Serial: 87827 (as you can see, just the first 5 characters out of 11)
    Purchased/Delivered: iPhone Launch Day


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  • Posted: 01 August 2008 09:57 AM #1

    IMEI: 01 161300 71709xx
    Serial: 88829
    Purchased: warranty replacement received on July 17th.

    Original phone
    IMEI: 01 161200 73618xx
    Serial: 88825
    Purchased: iPhone Launch Day

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    Posted: 01 August 2008 10:07 AM #2

    IMEI: 01 161200 13390xx
    Serial: 88827
    Purchased: iPhone Launch Day


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  • Posted: 01 August 2008 10:24 AM #3

    bought 8 am July 11th UK:

    88827 (xx827 = week 27 of 2008 I believe which should be w/e JLY 5th, but if week 29 product was really sold on July 11th, then it would have to be a week earlier)
    01 16200 20683xx

    edit: 01 161200 20683xx

  • Posted: 01 August 2008 10:33 AM #4

    Serial# - 87827

    IMEI# - 01 161200 28960

    Purchased launch day (7/11)

  • Posted: 01 August 2008 11:06 AM #5

    IMEI:  011614002126XXX

    SERIAL:  87830SK3XXX


    ORDERED July 18

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    Posted: 01 August 2008 12:42 PM #6

    Serial 88825

    imei 0116120071258xx

    bought on July 11

  • Posted: 01 August 2008 02:14 PM #7

    Serial 88828
    IMEI 0116130010859xx
    Purchased July 11

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    Posted: 01 August 2008 03:02 PM #8

    here’s mine

    seriak 87827
    imei 01-161200-01111XX
    launch day montreal canada

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    Posted: 01 August 2008 03:32 PM #9

    serial # 84829
    imie 0116140005534xx
    purchased July 23 in Huntsville, AL


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  • Posted: 01 August 2008 04:21 PM #10

    Serial# 87828
    IMEI 0116130015061xx
    Purchased: Launch day

  • Posted: 01 August 2008 06:39 PM #11

    Serial #88828
    IMEI 01161300101XXXX
    Purchased: Launch day

    Edited to conceal full IMEI.

  • Posted: 01 August 2008 06:57 PM #12

    Thanks all. Looks like we might be on a 500k weekly run rate currently, but we’re going to need data from recent purchases to be sure moving forward. Not sure how likely that is, but if we all pound the pavement….

    Anyway, link is here:


    See what you think…

  • Posted: 01 August 2008 07:09 PM #13

    thanks artman. let’s make some money eh? we’ve been beat up long enough.

  • Posted: 01 August 2008 11:29 PM #14

    Howlongtoretire - you seem to have left off Mercel and me from the spreadsheet, although we don’t make much difference (yes my IMEI has an obvious mistake - sorry).

    Here’s what the figures look like to me:

    Final assembly was held up for some component, so a quantity of product was part-built and set aside before W25.

    A first batch of the late component arrived during week 25, allowing a first batch of fully completed product to run through to the end of production at the end of 25 beginning of 26.

    The late component finally arrived in full volume in W27 allowing the set-aside production to be finished, and normal production to commence.

    In week 28 efforts were concentrated on getting the most units to completion for the launch, at the expense of maintaining the flow, so at the final shipment for launch (wednesday?) the production pipeline was not full; refilling the pipeline resulted in a dip in W28 finished product.

    W29 on represent full run rate, which I would actually estimate most likely about 650-680K per week. (estimating sequential no at week change point based on samples on either side)

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    Posted: 02 August 2008 01:15 AM #15

    IMEI: 01 161200 38120* *
    Serial: 86827
    Purchased: iPhone Launch Day

    Location: Japan