What's up with TMO's character display?

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    Posted: 06 August 2008 09:09 PM

    Well, I noticed that a few characters haven’t been displaying right for a while. The French-style accented ‘e’ shows up either as a question mark or as ‘?’. The double quotation marks sometimes turn into ‘"e;’

    According to Dirt Road, [quote author=“Dirt Road”]The characters getting goobered are the extended Latin-1 set, curly quotes and en/em dashes. The ellipse also gets zonked.

    Does anyone up there in the TMO Towers know how to fix this? Is anyone up in the TMO Towers listening?

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    Posted: 09 August 2008 11:02 PM #1

    :idea: Anyone?

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    Posted: 13 August 2008 08:41 PM #2

    The databases TMO uses upgraded to MySQL 5.  The transition between MySQL 4 and 5 change the character sets used in the database.  phpBB2 doesn’t officially support MySQL 5.

    We’re aware of the issue and working on various upgrades to our site.  Thanks for brining the topic up though.