Opentype Conundrum

  • Posted: 01 October 2008 08:22 AM

    I’m wondering if there is anyone with advice about this weird problem:
    Our University has updated it’s graphic identity system, and we’re currently working with a web vendor to create an automated online ordering system for stationery. Our new letterhead has a block of type at the top set in Adobe Garamond Premier Pro Opticals in small caps; a new OpenType font. The online ordering system takes a customers info, applies it to the letterhead standards and generates a PDF proof, which, if approved, is used by the print vendor to print the ream of letterhead. None of the proofs generated so far, include small caps. The programmers are claiming:

    “As we discussed months ago, Open Type fonts are not only a brand new font
    > set, but not proven for web use. We were able to find a work around to get
    > Open Type fonts in general to work in a PDF display, but this one font in
    > particular (and perhaps there are others like it that we are not using in
    > the online system that exsist in the OPen Type library) has problems.
    > Unlike in the past with the regular Adobe and True type fonts, this fonts
    > characteristics are not embedded as part of it (from the way Sandy explained
    > it to me). We never had this problem before because of of the old fonts the
    > University used (goudy, Kurasawa) Online had all of thier characteristics
    > embedded. This one particular font does not. Each characteristic has to be
    > embedded/activated seperately as you use it in InDesign which is why this
    > problem is now arising. “

    In my mind this is factually incorrect. The value of Opentype fonts is that true small caps are actually contained within the font, instead of being applied as a style (i.e. making a capital 70% of cap height renders a small cap) like they would be with an old PostScript face if true small caps were not present. Anyone have any similar issues, or thoughts on this? We have generated thousands of PDFs using this typeface and they all embed properly. I’m currently wondering if they are using Adobe code to generate a PDF, or some other third party solution that isn’t up to spec.

    Thanks for any help.


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