Unreal Tournament and OS X?

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 03:13 PM

    Apparently there are OS X versions of Unreal Tournament either in the works or floating around in beta stages somewhere, but I’ve seen no evidence of this.  I LOVE that game, and I love Quake 3 Arena for that matter, and I would love to see them come to OS X.

    Yes, the Omni Group had a version of Quake 3 running on Public Beta, but that no longer works.  Full, optimized versions of those two games would go a long way.  But if I only had to have one, make it UT.

    Then again, if Duke Nukem Forever becomes a Cocoa app, I could handle that too…


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  • Posted: 16 June 2001 09:09 AM #1

    I was at E3 last month and saw Apple’s booth, where there was, to my delight, a just-finished (like, 24 hours before the show began) build of QIII that was fully carbonized and optimized for the GeForce3. We have the article on the subject in our archives. Damn, it was cool!

    I don’t know the expected availability of that build.


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    Posted: 16 June 2001 10:51 PM #2

    I would be stunned if Duke Nukem Forever was made into a Cocoa app.  HAs that been rumored or something?


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  • Posted: 17 June 2001 02:26 PM #3

    I have heard nothing of the sort.  I have heard that Myth 3 may be in some form of OS X Native.  However, seeing as how much head way they’ve been making (only about 6-7 months before release..perhaps less), I am doubting it.  It seems as though a lot of developers are complaining about unfinished dev. tool’s and other things that need to be fixed in the OS before they can develop full-fledged apps, easily. 

    It’d be nice though, I wouldn’ be surprised if they issued a patch of some sort (if that’s possible?).  Or maybe a trade-in.

  • Posted: 25 June 2001 03:13 PM #4

    Mark Adams over at Westlake is working on an osX version of UT in his spare time.  The last I heard there are deficiencies in Code Warrior that are holding him back.  As soon as those problems are corrected he can finish it up. 

    You can get more information at the osX UT website