Digital Video Recorders and video editing by iMovie

  • Posted: 03 November 2008 07:37 AM

    I’m a beginner with camcorders. I wanted to buy a simple one, one of those that record the video by means of a video card (e.g. like SD cards), but I wanted, also, to be able to do a little video editing with iMovie (I have got iLife’05 on my Mac mini). Is it possible or, in order to do that you need a Mini DV cassette camcorder instead?
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    Posted: 17 December 2008 04:17 PM #1

    Not sure if you are still around to see this:

    In my opinion it is always better to get MiniDV or a hard drive based unit. Either way you can import, edit and all functions whether it be MiniDV, HDD, or media card. With media card you will have to convert if you are going to be using any Final Cut Product. Not sure about iMovie 08 since I stopped using it after Apple changed it.


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