Shrek or Pearl Harbor?

  • Posted: 21 July 2001 12:21 PM #16

    On 2001-06-30 21:31, Dummy wrote:
    Pearl Harbor is a must see for anyone who has never experienced their country at war.  It was a picture show about real events.  Those events really happened, folks.  They can happen again.  Tis very sobering and was very real.  (I’m on my soap box again.  Damn)!

    I’ve read some reviews on Pearl Harbor and well, according to most it’s more or less some kind of Armageddon kind of film, but with a different topic, meaning lots of action but a lousy story. If you want to see one of the best films on war, I’d heavily recommend Wolfgang Petersen’s “Das Boot” (The Boat), a film about the U-Boot war in the northern Atlantic. I’d like to get that one on DVD.

    Other then that Shrek will just be fun, and evenings with nice and funny films are needed too every now and then.



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