Radeon 9600xt for G5 for sale

  • Posted: 28 November 2008 09:41 AM

    I bought this card on eBay earlier this year for my sister, and put it in her G4 FW800 so she could use FCPro. Now that her project is done she’s going to do her editing at work, and this card can be sold off.

    As you can see, I put an aftermarket active cooler on it, plus heatsinks on the RAM chips, both sides. I can also include a 3-pin to Molex adapter if you need one; just let me know. I also had to cut off the AGP slot locking tab due to an obstruction on her logic board.

    Asking $95 including shipping. I accept non-CC Paypal, or snail-mailed payment, but I don’t ship until I’ve been paid. Sorry, no exceptions. I have Heatware and eBay testimonials under this name. Please PM if interested.