New MacbookPro- migraition/keychain questions

  • Posted: 06 December 2008 01:13 PM

    Hey Guys,
    I am currently using a macbook with 10.5.5. I just bought a new macbookpro (sweeet!).  I Have a few nagging questions about setup/migration:
    I plan on using both computers for a while but will someday “retire” macbook & give to wife.

    1.  Do I set up new computer with same user name? 
    2.  Should I migrate or bring stuff over manually?  I am wanting to have my new system have as clean a start as possible & I dont mind taking a little extra time…
    3.  I have a keychain issue on macbook: one is “login” and one is “login_renamed_1”  which occured the last time I did a “migration” to a new OS & harddrive on my macbook.  How do I resolve this?
    thanks in advance

  • Posted: 09 December 2008 02:32 PM #1

    Hi, Jon. Congrats on the new MacBook Pro, I know you will love it because I have one and it’s a brilliant machine. Anyway, on to your questions:

    1. That all depends. If you want to make an identical copy of your user account (ie. Drag and drop the user folder) you can do so. If you do this, you can then create a user with the same short name as the user folder name and it will ask if you want to use the existing user folder.

    If you do this however, you will need to log into the machine first, so you will need to create another user.

    If however you are not going to drag and drop the entire user folder, then it won’t really matter. You can then still drag and drop things manually just ignoring the ~/Library folder (for the best part).

    2. You should be able to view both the keychains in Keychain From there you can simply drag and drop the stuff in “login_renamed_1” into “login” and authenticate with “login_renamed_1”‘s password. Done. You can now delete the “login_renamed_1” keychain and do what you wish with “login”, even just drag and drop it to a new machine.

    Hope that all makes sense. If not, feel free to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) me.


    -Matt Cox / Mac Technician / Matt on Twitter