Maybe it is just me (MGG and Pilot Pete)

  • Posted: 22 December 2008 11:03 PM

    So, let me start by saying I love MGG - far and away my favorite podcast, and the complaints I am about to make do not mean that this will not remain my #1 podcast in the queue.

    That said - I feel like the increasing role that Pilot Pete is playing in the podcast detracts somewhat from the quality. I am not even convinced that it is Pilot Pete per se - he seems like a nice, smart guy (although clearly not as well versed in Mac troubleshooting as John and Dave). I think it is just that the format of 2 hosts, especially two hosts with such a great chemistry between them, can only make adding a third voice diminish the enjoyment and rhythm. For the longest time Pete was just an unvoiced presence, who eventually started to participate more and more, and I have to say I think it slightly hurts the flow of the podcast.

    So - is this just me? This is, I repeat, not a Pete bashing thing - I like him, I just feel like the format of two old, expert friends worked SO well I hate to see that recipe get messed up!

    Anyway, thanks for a great show - you guys rock


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    Posted: 29 December 2008 12:35 PM #1

    Thanks for the post, Fish—Sorry I missed it when you originally posted (and thanks to Stephen for alerting me to its presence).

    Indeed, the one person *most* concerned with not interrupting the flow of the show is Pilot Pete himself.  Our intention is to keep things the same, with the interaction happening between John and I.  To be fair, there are plenty of times when Pete’s there and he is nearly silent (you may not even know he’s there, actually).  That said, there are also those occasions where Pete *does* chime in quite a bit.  The goal is to have Pete add stuff that only he can add—having that “immediate” standpoint of a listener (and Switcher, to boot!) right there to perhaps keep us from skipping something important *is* of value, and its those interruptions that John and I welcome. 

    Obviously it’s possible for this to go a bit overboard, especially so on weeks when I don’t have the opportunity to prep as much as I’d like (the last two definitely fall into that category).  We do appreciate your comment, and will continue to focus on ensuring the “magic” of the John/Dave interaction does not get lost.

    FWIW we get a lot of comments via email, and by and large the positive comments about Pete outweigh the negatives, which is impressive considering the fact that folks are usually more moved to write in about negative concerns than positive praise.  Fish - I do realize that yours is not a negative comment about Pilot Pete, and I again thank you for keeping us honest!



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  • Posted: 29 December 2008 02:06 PM #2

    No need to apologize for a slow reply (I am pleasantly surprised to see you take the time to reply to some random piscine poster anyway!). And glad you took my comment in the spirit in which it was intended.

    Thanks again for a great show


  • Posted: 29 December 2008 06:06 PM #3

    I hope this doesn’t interrupt the ‘flow’ of this thread . . .  wink  OK - I am well aware that a smart-ass comment doesn’t translate well to text, but it’s in my nature. 

    As Dave mentioned, I’ve tried to be cognizant of sticking my nose in too often / too far. My main function now seems to be an attempt to distract them - and lighten things up with stupid questions / comments via the text chat running during the show.  I’ve told Dave that there are times when I head home after a show and think I’ve said too much etc.  I came to the show as a listener and a fan, and it just so happened that Dave and I live near each other and have many common interests . . . our friendship has grown and he’s been gracious in including me in his work which is a passion / hobby of mine. And while John tolerated my presence at first from afar, we too have developed a nice friendship.  It’s patently obvious that Dave & John have forgotten more than I’ve ever learned about computers.  I’ll continue to sit in as long as John and Dave and the listeners believe I have something to offer, but I will temper my inputs with a self-asked question about its relevance and importance…and Dave presiding over my mute switch! In that vein, I appreciate your comments. 

    You’re right! It’s a great show, and they don’t need some schmuck gooning it up!


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  • Posted: 29 December 2008 07:39 PM #4

    Thanks again to both of you for being so gracious about my criticism. It was only with the best of intentions, and in fact I posted here rather than emailing as a comment because I (foolishly) assumed this venue would be less likely to be seen by any of the three of you, and was just sort of looking for a reality check from fellow fans (as indicated by the title of the thread).

    Happy (and flowing) New Year!